Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Samuel at Two Weeks and Voting

We are two weeks into life as a family of 6. Wow! Family of 6. I don't think about us in those terms. I don't really think in terms of having FOUR children (and, yes, my hands are full and I am busy, thank you for noticing, Oh! and yes, she is the princess). I guess it's because I see my children as individuals rather than as one whole group. It's startling to me at times the way people react to my family. You'd think we were a large family or something. Moving on...

Friday we took our first outing - the pediatrician's office. Samuel weighed in at 7 pounds 13 ounces. One ounce over his birth weight. Babies can safely lose up to 10% of the birth weight in the first few weeks. Sam was down to 7 lbs. 3 ozs. when we left the hospital. That means the boy gained 10 ounces in a week! Holy Cow! No wonder I'm tired.

While at the pedi. we received a prescription for cream to put on Ellie's face. She's had some bumps that won't clear up for about 6 weeks. It's amazing how well the right medicine is doing the trick.

Dr. S also told us to put petroleum jelly on Ben's face. He (and Will) scratches his face a lot and then picks at the scratches. People are constantly commenting that a cat has gotten a hold of him. Not that boy! He runs from cats. Scared of them. I have no idea why.

Here's a picture of 2 week old Samuel. Doesn't he look spiffy after a sponge bath?

The Little Old Man

I forgot a detail in my account of Sam's birth. I didn't take any of the sleeping drugs after the surgery. I really think that's why I've recovered so quickly. I didn't have to recover from a week of Percoset. I've always taken it in the past. The nurses brought it routinely and advised me to "stay ahead of the pain." I hate the way it makes me woolly headed. I don't like not being in control of my thoughts.

This time I decided to wait until the pain got bad enough to take the Percoset. I took a couple of Motrin and regular strength Tylenol. And that was all I needed. That's not to say I was comfortable but I'd rather be a little uncomfortable and think clearly than knocked out.

It helped that earlier this year Joel took Percoset following oral surgery, within 30 minutes of taking a pill he was sound asleep in bed. So I knew if my pain got to the point I wanted something stronger it would take affect fast!

And on a completely random note, we all voted today. Our polling place is within walking distance of our house (we did NOT walk!). We created quite a stir bringing four small children with us. Joel and I believe it's important for us to vote (our responsibility!) and to take our children with us so they learn by our example.

We are blessed to live in a country where we can vote (at least for now). So we should. I hope you all voted! End of lecture. After we returned home Ellie wanted to take pictures with the digital camera. Here's one of her pictures (I helped a little).
I Voted!


Amy said...

Sam is already growing and changing! Isn't it amazing?

We all voted too! M2 were very interested in the process (probably because we've been talking and praying about it for a while) but were mostly excited to receive stickers...which I notice you got to! It's the little things...:)

Lara O. said...

Huh... I don't think any one gave me any sleeping medicine after I had my c-section. Of course, I think it helps a lot when you haven't been through hours of labor, too! I was much tired after labor than after surgery, my self. And I didn't need anything other than motrin either.

Good job, supermommy!

Linda said...

Ellie does a good job with the camera. Sam sure looks like Will the Second, except for his hair!


mer@lifeat7000feet said...

I'm impressed with your ability to forego the painkiller. I never had a c-section, but I can only imagine you had some pain!

Ellie did great with the camera!

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