Sunday, November 16, 2008

Links for your enjoyment, 11.16.08

9 Tips for Taking Great Family Portraits by Simple Mom (lots of links to other sites with tips for digital photography!).

Clutter control: 11 tips from a true expert by Org Junkie (I hate clutter! I'm blessed to live with a pack rat. One day I will have my basement completely clear of clutter!!).

Cool Off Your House Fever with a Long term Financial Plan by Simple Mom (Great ideas!! Much wisdom here!)

WholeHearted Mother Conferences 2009 in NC, CA, and TX and Colorado Springs and Raleigh, NC Mom's Conference Coming! by Sally at I Take Joy (if I could go I absolutely would!!!).

Midnight Comfort by Lara at Singing New Songs (a sweet poem describing a common scene in the life of a mom to little ones. I inadvertently put this in last week's post when I meant to put it in this one. I should explain that I keep a Links post saved and update throughout the week as I read blogs I want to share with you).

House-Home... by Susan at High Desert Home with hat tip to {Olive Tree} (great article about what makes our houses into homes. Challenging and encouraging!).

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