Friday, October 31, 2008

Benjamin, The Funny Man

William is my extrovert life-of-the-party guy. Benjamin is my introvert man-of-few-words. I commented to Joel the other day that Ben is really the funny man. Will tries to be but his sense of comic timing is a little off. Ben's is right on target. For example...

After reading for our nightly family devotions the passage in Acts that talks about the disciples fellowshipping in each others homes daily, the following conversation occurred.

Joel: Ben, where were the disciples meeting?
Ben: I don't know.
Me: We're they meeting at McDonald's?
Ben: Laughing. "Noooooo...."
Me: If they weren't meeting at McDonald's, where were they meeting?
Ben: At Burger King. Grin from ear to ear.

He absolutely understood he was making a joke. What a rascal!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Name that baby picture game!

The hospital we use offers a service that takes a "First" picture of your baby within 24-48 hours after birth. I'm glad we've always bought a package! They pose each baby the same way so it makes our game today super fun.

Here are the rules of the game.
1. Look at each of the 3 pictures.
2. Leave a comment stating Baby A= _____, Baby B= ______, Baby C= _______.
3. Include in your comment which Baby you believe Samuel most closely resembles. (I'm writing this before his birth and assuming that at least one picture has posted by now.)

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Quote of the Day, 10.29.08

"Peanut butter is sorta like mud or dog poop." William, age 5.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

A link to see pictures of Sam!!

Just a quick note to let you know we came home on Friday. We are all doing amazingly well. Joel says this is the best recovery I've had. I credit that to NOT taking the percoset. For the first time I haven't been fuzzy headed while I tried to recover from surgery and breastfeed a baby. It's been great!

If you are wanting more pictures (and I know you do!) head over to Joel's blog. He's posted 15 pictures from our hospital stay. There's even one of me holding Sam. Another of all 4 kids. Be warned you will view much cuteness.

Monday, October 27, 2008

A Narrow Road through a Corn Field

"Enter through the narrow gate. For wide is the gate and broad is the road that leads to destruction, and many enter through it. But small is the gate and narrow the road that leads to life, and only a few find it." Matthew 7:13-14, NIV.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Carving Pumpkin Object Lesson

Our family does not celebrate Halloween. I know. I know. We are strange people. Four kids in five years. Home school. No television. And now you learn we don't do Halloween. It's a wonder you keep coming back!
Anyway. My friend, Amy (who I get tons of great ideas from), sent me a link to a website describing a way to use carving a pumpkin to present the gospel to children. It looks like a great idea.

So I have purchased 3 small pumpkins (they are currently decorating the top of my piano to keep little hands off of them) with the idea of using this activity with my children. William is very excited to have Thanksgiving decorations. He can't wait to carve into his pumpkin. But nothing scary though. He says he doesn't want anything scary!

We probably won't carve our pumpkins until the first part of November but I thought you might like the link now. Just in case you are planning to celebrate Halloween and will be carving a Jack-o-lantern soon. I know many of you have young children as I do and are looking for great ideas. I'm happy to oblige when I find one.

*** By the way, I am still on my "Hospital Vacation" following the c-section delivery of my fourth child, Samuel. This post was written ahead of time and scheduled to appear today.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

A Daily Schedule or Routine for my life with 3 children ages 5-2.

I am currently in the hospital following a c-section for the birth of my 4th child. This post was written ahead of time and scheduled to appear today.
In preparation for my four day hospital "vacation" I printed out a schedule or routine of what I do with my kids all day. Every day. I did this for the benefit of my husband and my mom who are caring for the Three At Home this week.

Before I show it to you I feel the need to explain a few things. First, a routine is a MUST for life with small children! They need and want to know what's coming next. I've tried just "winging it" and chaos is the result.

I have to admit I also operate better with a routine. It lowers the number of decisions I'm making and helps motivate me to do tasks I'm less than thrilled about, like washing dishes. Also, without a regular routine or schedule I can never fit a quiet time with Jesus into my day. But with one, it always seems to work (as long as I don't use that time to nap!).

Secondly, you'll notice some things have times assigned to them and some don't. Mainly that's for the benefit of my mom and husband. I'm not really strict about what time we do things. Just the order in which we do them.

Except for lunch. Because Daddy calls us every day around 12:30.

And naps. Because I've found leaving too much of a gap between lunch and naps means no rest time for me. And letting them nap too long results in a late bedtime at night.

And late bedtimes take away my quiet blogging time. = )

Finally, you'll notice this schedule or routine doesn't have any of my activities on it. Mainly I follow my weekly schedule. Also, I was afraid Momma and Joel might think me too much of a control freak if I told them when to do too much. = ) Not to mention that my schedule will change when I get home and have a baby to nurse.

Without further ado, here is a daily schedule or routine for my life with a homeschooling 5 year old, quasi-homeschooling 3 year old, and a "relaxed" potty training 2 year old. Any questions?

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Samuel Rees

*** Edited: That should be 7 pounds 12 ozs.

This is Joel for Stephanie as she is currently sleeping off the effects of the surgery.

Samuel Rees was born at 8:05 a.m. EST and was 8 lbs. 12 ozs.

I'm headed to the hospital. Here's a bloggy plan for you.

I may have mentioned a time or two that I'm having a baby soon. Well, soon has arrived. As you read this Samuel Rees is being forcibly evicted via c-section.

I should be in the hospital until Saturday (that's 4 days). I do not plan to take my laptop to the hospital and don't know if Joel will find time to post any pictures or information about us. If he does, he may post to his blog rather than here.

However, I do have some new and old posts scheduled to appear here while I am enjoying my hospital "vacation" (hey! I only have to care for one infant, stay in my pajamas all day, enjoy cable tv, eat someone else's cooking and don't have to wash dishes. Sounds like a vacation to me!). So be sure to check back once a day. You never know what might show up.

In the meantime, here's our last picture as a family of five taken on Columbus Day. I have no idea what Will is doing! That boy cracks me up!!!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

My final pre-Samuel post.

Here's my final pre-Samuel post. At least my final pre-Samuel post that was written and appeared in "real time." I have lots of posts scheduled to publish this week and next week just in case I don't feel like getting on the computer. Or doing anything besides, you know, sleeping.

These pictures were taken today, Sunday, October 19. It's good that Samuel's coming in 2 days because that blouse has gotten tight! Which is very annoying given all the concern about how much weight I've gained, or rather, haven't gained.

Speaking of which, I had my final OB appointment on Friday. I laughed when the scale showed I had lost a pound! The doctor didn't say a word about it. Thankfully she believed me that no contractions are happening and didn't bother to do an internal exam. Yippee for me!!! That means I've had a total of ONE internal exams for this pregnancy!! Isn't that great?!

So, how big do you think he will be on Tuesday? I don't mind telling you that I'm currently weighing in around 147 pounds and have gained about 15 pounds with this pregnancy. Also, you should know I'm only 5 feet tall. Leave a comment and let me know how much you think he'll weigh.
Ben felt the need to be in the picture.
Monday I'm headed to get pre-op bloodwork done. Then I may shop for some new pajamas. I've looked around but not found any I like. Last, but not least, I'll pack my bag for the hospital.

Tuesday we have to be at the hospital at 6 AM. UGH! Thankfully it's only a 10-20 minute drive from my house, depending on the traffic. The surgery is scheduled for 7:30 AM. I'm not supposed to eat or drink anything after supper Monday night. Hopefully, my doctor won't be tied up delivering another baby so we'll be able to get Samuel delivered on schedule.

My mom flew in from Arkansas on Saturday and will stay at the house with the rest of the kids since we don't know exactly when he'll be born or how long I'll have to stay in the recovery room. There's no point in having my other three creating mayhem in the waiting room. Once I'm settled and feel comfortable in a regular room Joel will come home and load up the gang to come visit us.

I'm expecting them to come to the hospital sometime late afternoon or early evening. Then Joel will bring them all home, maybe help with bedtime, and return to the hospital. Where he will spend the night on the torture device the hospital likes to call a bed for family. Our current plan is for him to only spend the first night. He'll come up to the hospital once alone and once with the family every day but I don't see the point in neither of us sleeping every night.

If all goes well, it always has, we'll be back home on Saturday. Joel tells me the hospital has internet access in the rooms so he'll bring Sally (my laptop) with him each day. I doubt I'll write anything but I can at least read blogs, emails and comments. Joel will probably post a few pictures and Samuel's stats Tuesday or Wednesday.

Well, I think that's enough rambling for one post. I'll write again when I have energy and brain cells.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Links for your enjoyment, 10.18.08

Children's Classics - Newbery Medal Winners by Jennifer at 5 Minutes for Books. (Check out the Mr. Linky if you are looking for book recommendations by other readers.)

Do not fear, for I am with you! by Sally at I Take Joy. (A good perspective on fear and anxiety given the current state of our economy. I felt challenged and encouraged for the role I play in my family and my influence on the other (soon-to-be) 5 people in my home!)

From a mother's heart by Lendy at Live, Laugh, Love...with boys! (A letter from an adoptive mom to her sons' birthmom. This is a real life friend of mine who finalized her adoptions this year.)

Back at hotel by Beth at The LPM Blog. (I'm totally bummed I couldn't attend the event in Connecticut on Friday night. Beth has a great prayer for all of us in this post. It really spoke to me.)

Nurture Your Kids Creativity and Independence with an Art Box by guest writer at Simple Mom. (Great idea!)

Stories that touch your heart! by Sally at I Take Joy (A look at suffering through the words of a favorite fiction author.)

Friday, October 17, 2008

Apple Picking: A Columbus Day Tradition

On Columbus Day we go apple picking with our church and close friends A2M2. The kids all know this will happen and ask about it when the weather starts turning cooler. It's a really fun tradition for all of us. (Go here to read about last year's Orchard fun and see how much the kids have grown in a year!)

This year we picked apples at Jaswell's Farm. If you live in the area I highly recommend this Orchard. A friendly staff, several apple varieties to choose from, and fairly easy walking made this Farm a lot of fun to visit with our young family.

First stop - the Pumpkin Patch.
"I'm the cute princess posing in the wagon."
I have no idea how many she ate. She picked NONE.
They were all brought to her in the wagon.
Even Andy's Dad got into the apple picking!
Low hanging trees are great for short arms to reach apples.
Some of us just go to eat.
Some of us like to pick.
My family came home with about 20 pounds of apples!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Every boy needs a wagon!

William recently decided he wanted a wagon in order to haul stuff. We agreed that a wagon could be a fun toy to have (I had a little red wagon growing up!) so we allowed him to spend his saved birthday money on a wagon. So far he's mostly hauled Brother and Sister in it. Though I think a few sticks were collected to help daddy.

These two think a wagon was a great idea!
I've been surprised at how much he's pulled them.
But his patience has it's limits.
Looking for sticks and "stuff" to haul.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

"I can see his brains!" - William, age 5.

The short version: Tuesday Ben was standing on top of a pick-up truck riding toy we keep in the backyard. Will shook the truck. Ben fell off and hit the back of his head on the propped open screen door. Daddy came home about 10 minutes later (he was already on his way home when the event occurred) to find me cleaning blood from Ben and lecturing Will.

Daddy called the pediatrician who sent Joel & Ben to the Urgent Care Center. The doctor there said it was an "impressive" cut but not all the way to the bone. It was about half an inch long and he closed the gash with 6 staples.

Joel & Ben returned to Urgent Care Sunday evening to have the staples removed. Joel said he could have saved himself two hours and done the job with a pair of needle-nosed pliers at home.

I don't think so!

Sorry for the blurriness. Click on the picture to see the gash better.
6 staples and nearly 3 hours later, they ate supper at McDonald's.
Joel "enjoyed" a burger while Ben feasted on ice cream.
Again, sorry for the blurriness. Click to see the staples.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Tying a few loose ends from September.

  1. How are you doing building your one habit to make you feel good about your home? My kitchen has been more or less clean these days. I freely admit to asking Joel to wash the dishes on occasion because I am a little overwhelmed trying to do normal stuff AND prepare for a baby.
  2. Have you been memorizing scripture? We can quote our A-E verses pretty well.
  3. Have you started a laundry routine? Our washer/dryer are in the basement. Climbing the stairs with a full load of laundry is growing more difficult as Samuel grows. Once he comes I will hand that job over to Joel for at least 6 weeks! Yippee!
  4. Thanks to everyone who prayed for the health of my family. We all felt well during our mini-vacation and only had a residual cough to deal with. My sore throat cleared right up! Praise the Lord!
  5. Amy and Kat were each close to the game my kids made up. They are archers. They are wearing "helmets," the buckets are quivers filled with stick arrows, and they are holding stick bows (the last picture is best for seeing the "bows.") Great guesses from everyone!
  6. Anyone save any money on their car insurance? I should say that my insurance is for a '96 truck (w/o comp. or collision) and a '05 minivan (with full coverage).

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Links for Your Enjoyment, 10.12.08

On Reading: Book Recommendations by Jennifer @ 5 Minutes for Books (If you are looking for book recommendations read this post and follow the links. Also, this site is all about books for all ages.)

It's Not Fair!! by Julie at Homegrown Blessings (I enjoyed her sarcastic commentary on the current state of our economy and culture.)

HPV Vaccine by Charity at Cardiff Central (Follow her links.)

How is your read aloud voice? by LindaFay at Higher Up and Further In (A good reminder.)

I'm mad too, Eddie by Jennifer at Snapshot (O how I agree!!!)

Friday, October 10, 2008

The Big E

We attended The Big E on September 27. Those of you down South may not have been all that impressed, after all almost every county and state near you sponsors an annual fair. Not so in New England. Fairs are around but they are few and far between.

The Big E did not disappoint us. We weren't able to spend as much time as we had planned due to rain but we hit a few highlights. First, we watched a sheep shearing demonstration. The boys were fascinated.
Then we watched a circus - complete with elephants, trapeze, and dog show! Afterward we watched a competition of women driving horse drawn wagons. It was much more impressive than my description! I neglected to take pictures of the horses but did get a few of the kids eating their first cotton candy.

Each New England state (who can name the 6 states?) has it's own building where various vendors of "native" goods are set up. While in the Connecticut building we ran into Indiana Jones. This picture doesn't do him justice! He's made entirely of Legos.
The boys tried on Connecticut state police uniforms. I wouldn't mind being pulled over by these two cuties!
Glad he's on the right side of the law! Ben looks like mischief!!
Will and Daddy rode a roller coaster.
He loved it!
Ben chose to ride motorcycles with Will.
He's not quite as daring as Brother. He didn't make it one revolution
before he started crying and wanted off. It was expected. Poor guy!

If you are looking for a fun family outing in September I highly recommend The Big E in West Springfield, Massachusetts. Admission isn't too bad ($12-15 per adult) but be sure to take plenty of cash for lunch, rides, and souveniours. There are even concerts to attend in the evening (assuming you don't have small children to put to bed).

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Scripture in action at Beavertail Lighthouse.

"Impress them on your children. Talk about them when you sit at home and when you walk along the road, when you lie down and when you get up." Deuteronomy 6:7.

"In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. ... God called the dry ground 'land,' and the gathered waters he called 'seas.' ... So God created the great creatures of the sea and every living and moving thing with which the water teems." Genesis 1:1, 10, 21.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

You don't own a television?!

The short answer is no. The longer answer is October 7 marks our one year anniversary without a television in our home. In case you had forgotten, or started reading after that date, you can read Joel's thoughts from last year or mine.

Let me clarify a few things. We still occasionally watch DVDs on our laptops. We've also watched some television shows on-line so we are not completely disconnected from the world of mindless entertainment. My children periodically watch DVDs on the computers as well.

Those first couple of weeks were an adjustment period for all of us. I had fallen into a habit of letting the t.v. babysit my kids while I cooked supper or "needed a break." Now I can't imagine going back to that. That's not to say difficult and rainy days won't find a DVD playing on the computer but those days are few and far between. Not the difficult and rainy days, just the ones where I let the DVD babysit my children.

I have seen many benefits from us not having a television in the house. The creativity of my children has grown, as has their ability to entertain themselves. When the weather is nice they play outside constantly so they are healthier and more agile. They have learned to play together amazingly well, even Ellie has started joining their imaginary play.

I never thought I'd be one of "those" people who didn't own a television. But here I am one year later and thrilled about the decision. Right now, I never want to go back. For me, personally, I realize how much time I wasted watching t.v. shows (blogging has taken over some of that). Also, when I do watch something on-line I realize I am more sensitive to what I am viewing. I can more readily discern worldly thinking than I could a year ago. I guess you should say I'm more offended by it than I used to be. Shouldn't we be offended by the world?

So, I highly recommend you do the same thing. You may not feel you can pitch out the t.v. but what if you limited yourself (and children) to viewing only 30 minutes a day? What kind of difference would that make in the lives of your family? Or you could be really brave and unplug it for a month! Anyone up for the challenge?


Having said all of that. Here's a photo from our recent trip to Connecticut/Massachusetts. Due to pouring down rain we spent all Friday holed up in our hotel suite.

The kids, especially Will, indulged in more Disney channel than anyone ought to view in a lifetime! Meanwhile, I relaxed on the king bed in the other room and watched "What not to wear," "Jon and Kate, Plus 8" and assorted other TLC/Discovery Channel shows. We all enjoyed a change of pace and scenery. But I have to say I'm growing weary of hearing about what Will watched!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Swimming at the Crowne Plaza

In September, Joel and I sat down with our calendars to schedule his days off when Samuel comes. Through the process we realized he had 11 vacation days and 9 sick days left for 2008. Sick days roll over. Vacation days are gone forever if you don't use them!

So we decided to find a hotel with an open indoor pool (we called this time!) to enjoy for at least one night. (You may recall that the major disappointment from our trip to New York in August was the lack of swimming.)

As I looked on the internet for places to go and things to do within an hour or so of our home, I discovered The Big E. After living in Rhode Island for 11 years I had never heard of the New England Exposition (or fair). We decided to make 3 days 2 nights of our family trip and not only swim but also attend the fair.

We made reservations at the Crown Plaza in Enfield, Connecticut and were NOT disappointed in our accommodations this time. We arrived Thursday afternoon, changed into our swimsuits and spent several hours in the pool. We had planned to attend the Big E on Friday but it poured down rain all day so we swam some more and watched t.v. all day. We made it to the Fair on Saturday but more about that in another post.

Here are pictures from the pool. Ellie had never been swimming in a pool and the boys haven't been in over a year, maybe longer than that. You will notice there are NO pictures of me. I told Joel just putting on a bathing suit when 8+ months pregnant was "taking one for the team."

Are you sure about this, Dad?
Benjamin was very hesitant to get in the water!
Will took to the water like a fish!
Most of the pool was 3.5 feet deep. It deepened in the middle and toward one side.
I've never seen a pool like it. It was great for me to be able to stand the whole time
and tend to a child in shallow water.
Ben clung to Daddy most of the time. See the hot tub? It felt great on my legs.
Don't worry. I sat on the edge and dangeled my feet in the water.

Monday, October 6, 2008

How to make a weekly chore schedule for home management.

Like all home managers, I make a lot of decisions. Should the kids drink water or milk? Which laundry detergent should I buy? Use identical sheets on each bed or assign a color to each bed? You get the idea.

Many unimportant decisions that, when culminated as a whole, use up a lot of mental and emotional energy; and though small, each impacts the comfort and well-being of my family. As a result I look for ways to make fewer decisions and thereby reduce my stress. Planning a weekly schedule to manage my home accomplishes that goal.

Here are FOUR SIMPLE STEPS I follow to create a weekly schedule for home management:
1. LIST all your weekly tasks. Be realistic in your expectations!!
2. Consider HOW MUCH TIME AND ATTENTION each task will require.
3. Look at OTHER COMMITMENTS on your calendar.
4. ASSIGN tasks to specific days while keeping in mind other commitments.
5. COMMIT to living by the schedule.

Here's what the process looks like for me.

Run errands: groceries, bank, post office, etc.
Finances: record debit card expenditures, pay bills, enter receipts in Money Matters software, balance checkbook.
Make menu and grocery list. Clean out fridge.
Clean bathrooms (2 toilets and 2 sinks. Joel takes care of the tub for me).
Swiffer/ Sweep all floors (mostly hardwood); Mop kitchen and bathrooms.
Change sheets (4 beds. I'm trying to work out a rotation so not all beds are changed each week).
Put away anything out of place.

Errands: about 2 hours, basically a whole morning
Finances: 30-60 minutes (if alone)
Menu and grocery list: 30-60 minutes (if alone)
Clean bathrooms: 15 minutes
Clean floors: 30-60 minutes (if alone)
Change sheets: changing 4 beds requires about 30 minutes (boys help make their beds)
Put away stuff: 15 minutes.

Attend church Sunday morning.
Mondays need to be home to recover from the weekend.
Tuesday night put out trash cans for pick up the next morning.
Saturdays are family days.

Monday: Put away anything out of place. Clean out fridge. Make menu and grocery list. Change sheets.
Tuesday: Errands.
Wednesday: Clean floors.
Thursday: Bathrooms.
Friday: Finances.

The last step, COMMIT, can be the most difficult, but the most rewarding. My commitment depends a lot on me seeing the schedule on a regular basis, so I print mine and use sticky tack to post it on a wall where I'll see it every day. Every morning (or when task time comes in the day) I just look at the schedule and see what needs to be done for that day. No thinking required. No decision making necessary.

What tasks are on your weekly chore list? Would a WEEKLY HOME MANAGEMENT SCHEDULE help keep your home running smoothly?

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Links for your enjoyment. 10.5.08

On Reading: Do you censor yourself? by Jennifer @ 5 Minutes for Books. (Interesting and thought provoking.)

Different isn't bad, it's just different by Dawn @ Wherever He leads we'll go (A beautiful post by my real life friend, Dawn.)

Enjoy a Simple Christmas with a Well-Planned Budget by Simple Mom, (The holiday season is coming soon. Great ideas to get you thinking. We've budgeted gifts for years but I've never thought to budget for all the other holiday stuff.)

Anyone know of a good Hot Wheels body shop? by Vicki @ Virtue Alert (no doubt this, or something similar, lies in my future as a mom of THREE boys.)

Pushing through hard things... by Meredith @ Life at 7000 Feet (A post to make you think.)

There is a Rescuer by Amanda @ Baby Bangs. (AMEN!)

Friday, October 3, 2008

A Review of Crown Plaza Enfield - Springfield

Where: Crown Plaza Enfield (CT) - Springfield (MA)

When: September 25-27, 2008

Accommodations: King Bed Suite, no smoking. $352 for 2 nights (includes tax).

Customers: Family of 5 - 2 adults, children ages 5, 3, 2.
Attending The Big E.

The Room: Bedroom contained a king sized bed, full bathroom, and TV. Other room contained a separated "kitchenette" type area with dorm sized refrigerator, counter, coffee pot, and sink. Website said there would be a microwave but our room didn't have one (our only disappointment). The living room area had a sofa bed (where the boys slept), table with four chairs, desk and TV. There was PLENTY of room for our kids to enjoy themselves and a fold-out twin bed for Ellie. Also, connected to the living room was a half bathroom.

Everything was clean. One concern was that the low and large windows did NOT lock, and we were on the 5th floor! What is it about hotels not having windows that lock or have screens?

Amenities: Room service (we had overpriced pizza for supper one night). Not one but TWO hair dryers! WiFi (but I left the laptop at home for our family weekend). An indoor swimming pool and hot tub!! Also an outdoor pool that was closed (which was fine given the temperatures in New England now). No free breakfast but we had taken breakfast items with us and stored perishables in the refrigerator.

Who should stay here: ANYONE! It was pricey but given our last hotel experience we didn't mind paying a little more for quality. Usually when we travel for more than one night we prefer to stay in a suite and those cost more. Keep in mind that my children are small and usually go to bed around 8 pm.

This sign stood outside the elevator on our floor. "Refrain from loud singing in the shower" cracked me up! Naturally I took a picture for the blog.

*** I'll be back next week with lots of pictures from our trip.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Activities for October if you live in New England.

If you live in New England there are two activities you really should attend if at all possible. Unfortunately for me, it's not possible.

The first event is a conference about creationism by Answers in Genesis. Yes, we are creationists. Yes, we believe God created the universe is 6 literal - as-we-know-them days. Yes, that is what I'm teaching my children (which is a whole other post!).

AIG conducts conferences and seminars all around the country, not to mention publishing a fantastic magazine and recently building a Creation Museum I really want to tour.

My point is that there will be a conference in Plainville, Massachusetts October 25-27, 2008. For more information click the link or visit

The second event is a concert featuring Steven Curtis Chapman AND Michael W. Smith. I am totally bummed that I can't go! SCC was in Massachusetts last fall and we planned to attend but I miscarried around that same time and didn't feel up to it. This year the concert is October 29, 2008 in Lowell, Massachusetts. I don't think I'll feel up to a concert just 8 days after having a baby. I know. I'm a wimp.

Check out the links for more events/concerts in your area across the country. If you attend either one I'd love to hear about it!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Countdown: 20 DAYS!

Last week (Friday, September 26) Joel and the kids joined me for my (hopefully) last ultrasound appointment. Sadly, the pictures didn't turn out very well but the viewing was fantastic. We saw Samuel's face, toes, foot, leg bones, hand, spine, heart, and "boy parts." That last one made me laugh. That's what the technician called "it" for my guys. Will didn't understand what she meant until I told him the more technical "P." word. = )

Will really enjoyed the appointment. His favorite part was seeing and hearing the heart beating. Mine, too! Although those five cute toes run a close second!

The machine and technician believe Samuel weighs 5 pounds 10 ounces. I learned something new at this appointment. The machine has a +/- 12 ounces on the weight calculations. That means it can be off nearly a whole pound! Seems like a lot of +/- to me when you are making major decisions based on size and weight.

Anyway. I think they are wrong. I think he's a good 6.5 pounds already. I'm bigger now than I was with William (my tiny 6.5 pound firstborn). Here's a couple of pictures taken on September 21 (Sunday) for your viewing pleasure.

In other weight related news, I was down 2 pounds from the appointment 2 weeks before that. LOL! They asked if I've been eating. I reminded them that the weather has been fluctuating around here between almost-summer and brrr-where's-my-sweater temperatures, which means I've been wearing different types of clothes to each appointment. And thus the fluctuations in weight.

One good thing is that my hemoglobin (iron) levels are up some. Yeah for progress! And he's definitely head down, not that it really matters.

I have another OB appointment on Friday. I think it might include an internal. Can I get an AMEN! for my ugh?! There really is no point in it. I can assure them no contractions are taking place. They never do until I go into labor which isn't going to happen this time. Sigh! I wish someone would believe that I really know how my body works...

Anyway. I'll try to remember to take a picture of myself. We can start playing a fun game of "Guess the Baby's Birthweight."
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