Books and Education

We are a family of book lovers. Chapter books, picture books, and e-books fill our shelves and home. It's no wonder that they also have a place on my blog!

To make reviews easier to find I've divided my Books and Education posts into 3 labels: Children's Books; Mom Books; and Home School.

Below you will find popular samples of each label. Click on the label links for more posts on each topic.

Children's Books

I review children's picture books and chapter books, as well as a few non-fiction books for kids. These books may come from our shelves, the library, or have been sent by a publisher in exchange for a review. You'll find this and more under the Children's Books label.

Mom Books

Occasionally I find time to read something other than children's books. Again, these books may come from my shelves, the library or have been sent by a publisher in exchange for a review. You'll find these non-fiction books, as well as fiction under the Mom Books label.

Home School

Curriculum recommendations, field trips, activities, book reviews, and tips are some of the kinds of posts you'll find under the Home School label.

Didn't find what you were looking for?  Email me at and I'll try to help find the answer.

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