Thursday, October 23, 2008

A Daily Schedule or Routine for my life with 3 children ages 5-2.

I am currently in the hospital following a c-section for the birth of my 4th child. This post was written ahead of time and scheduled to appear today.
In preparation for my four day hospital "vacation" I printed out a schedule or routine of what I do with my kids all day. Every day. I did this for the benefit of my husband and my mom who are caring for the Three At Home this week.

Before I show it to you I feel the need to explain a few things. First, a routine is a MUST for life with small children! They need and want to know what's coming next. I've tried just "winging it" and chaos is the result.

I have to admit I also operate better with a routine. It lowers the number of decisions I'm making and helps motivate me to do tasks I'm less than thrilled about, like washing dishes. Also, without a regular routine or schedule I can never fit a quiet time with Jesus into my day. But with one, it always seems to work (as long as I don't use that time to nap!).

Secondly, you'll notice some things have times assigned to them and some don't. Mainly that's for the benefit of my mom and husband. I'm not really strict about what time we do things. Just the order in which we do them.

Except for lunch. Because Daddy calls us every day around 12:30.

And naps. Because I've found leaving too much of a gap between lunch and naps means no rest time for me. And letting them nap too long results in a late bedtime at night.

And late bedtimes take away my quiet blogging time. = )

Finally, you'll notice this schedule or routine doesn't have any of my activities on it. Mainly I follow my weekly schedule. Also, I was afraid Momma and Joel might think me too much of a control freak if I told them when to do too much. = ) Not to mention that my schedule will change when I get home and have a baby to nurse.

Without further ado, here is a daily schedule or routine for my life with a homeschooling 5 year old, quasi-homeschooling 3 year old, and a "relaxed" potty training 2 year old. Any questions?


Flamingo Mama said...

oh my. i have NO routine. it seems like my ENTIRE day consists of my own to do...dishes, laundry, bathrooms, cleaning. I can't keep up with it!

perhaps it would help if i actually got moving before 9am. someday i will try it and

Amy said...

Looks great! Yes, routine is SO helpful for everyone! Question: do you have separate Bible time with Ellie before bed or all 3 kids together? Enjoy your "vacation"!!!!

wherever HE leads we'll go said...

I actually need a nap after reading that! I always thought staying home was SO much harder and more work than working at a paying job & now I am convinced!

I do agree - a routine is a great idea for everyone. Mike and I are always flustered when our routine is off & I know Emily feels that. So there are benefits to being a "control freak". : )

Melissa said...

Thanks, this was very helpful and I saw the other blog you did on routine and how to get started. I've been trying to figure out one for our family. Now, when did you have your quiet time? I keep wanting to get up before Silas but that doesn't work because he gets up at different times even with the same bed time - 8:00. So, I do my quiet time during his morning nap but sometimes find myself in a hurry because that is when I need to do house chores. Any suggestions from any mom?

mer@lifeat7000feet said... are TOGETHER! But you kinda have to be don't you? You're so right that routine is a must with small children...and for school aged children too!

Kat said...

The routine looks great, and I have always heard it is best for children too. With all of those nanny shows, I often see that not having a schedule is their biggest problem. I only hope whhen I have kids I can be so organized.

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