Wednesday, October 8, 2008

You don't own a television?!

The short answer is no. The longer answer is October 7 marks our one year anniversary without a television in our home. In case you had forgotten, or started reading after that date, you can read Joel's thoughts from last year or mine.

Let me clarify a few things. We still occasionally watch DVDs on our laptops. We've also watched some television shows on-line so we are not completely disconnected from the world of mindless entertainment. My children periodically watch DVDs on the computers as well.

Those first couple of weeks were an adjustment period for all of us. I had fallen into a habit of letting the t.v. babysit my kids while I cooked supper or "needed a break." Now I can't imagine going back to that. That's not to say difficult and rainy days won't find a DVD playing on the computer but those days are few and far between. Not the difficult and rainy days, just the ones where I let the DVD babysit my children.

I have seen many benefits from us not having a television in the house. The creativity of my children has grown, as has their ability to entertain themselves. When the weather is nice they play outside constantly so they are healthier and more agile. They have learned to play together amazingly well, even Ellie has started joining their imaginary play.

I never thought I'd be one of "those" people who didn't own a television. But here I am one year later and thrilled about the decision. Right now, I never want to go back. For me, personally, I realize how much time I wasted watching t.v. shows (blogging has taken over some of that). Also, when I do watch something on-line I realize I am more sensitive to what I am viewing. I can more readily discern worldly thinking than I could a year ago. I guess you should say I'm more offended by it than I used to be. Shouldn't we be offended by the world?

So, I highly recommend you do the same thing. You may not feel you can pitch out the t.v. but what if you limited yourself (and children) to viewing only 30 minutes a day? What kind of difference would that make in the lives of your family? Or you could be really brave and unplug it for a month! Anyone up for the challenge?


Having said all of that. Here's a photo from our recent trip to Connecticut/Massachusetts. Due to pouring down rain we spent all Friday holed up in our hotel suite.

The kids, especially Will, indulged in more Disney channel than anyone ought to view in a lifetime! Meanwhile, I relaxed on the king bed in the other room and watched "What not to wear," "Jon and Kate, Plus 8" and assorted other TLC/Discovery Channel shows. We all enjoyed a change of pace and scenery. But I have to say I'm growing weary of hearing about what Will watched!


Flamingo Mama said...

i hardly every sit and (watch tv ) although I have a little one in my kitchenn that i listen to to distract me from the tasks at hand:) my hubby doesn't watch it excessively either, but he would never EVER release the tv...he is a major (and I mean major) football fan. and that is why we have satellite. oh well, i love when he is passionate about something...even if it is about big, dirty men tackling each other.

mer@lifeat7000feet said...

Congrats on your tv-less year! That's a huge accomplishment.

I have to admit that I'm a tv junkie. Probably couldn't live without it for very long, but sadly, I'm more addicted to the computer than the television...probably because we don't have cable.


Anonymous said...

We've never owned a TV. Both dh and I grew up without and we just don't want to have one in our home. There's educational games my boys play on the computer and the only stuff I'm really interested in is HGTV which you can get online anyway! I know we probably waste too much time on the computer too, but I agree with you about being more sensitive to what you're viewing on the computer.

Singing Mommy said...

Bravo! I have been thinking about doing this at our house, but my sweet husband has suggested I first try using a little self control to decrease the amount of time I spend watching TV. Unfortunately, I'm not ever going to win the self control prize. I spend countless hours in front of the TV and have let it become way too much of a babysitter in our house. Thank you for re-motivating me to take that step towards making better use of my time.

ps. To update: The laundry is finally getting under control!!!

Maria Mundy, 22 said...

Eddie and I decided TV was a luxury cost we didn't need about 2 months ago, at first it meant a lot of trip to the dollar rental store and watching shows online but I do find now I get a ton more accomplished. I've also brought up the dreaded conversation of having no tv when we eventually have kids. He still needs convincing. LoL

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