Friday, September 12, 2008

A Review of Knights Inn or Kings Inn, Endwell, New York

* Knights Inn Endwell/Binghamton, NY (according to the website)
* Kings Inn Endwell, NY (according to their business card)
* or (google produces lots of hits but I couldn't find the actual site)

When: August 22, 2008

Accommodations: 2 double beds, no smoking, free continental breakfast included
- $58 plus taxes totaled $65.54

Customers: Family of 5 - 2 adults, children ages 5, 3, 2 (she slept in a pack n play)

The room:
* The floor felt grubby under my bare feet. Gross!
* The mattress and box springs were slightly different sizes - the set obviously did NOT go together. Though the mattress was firm, which I like.
* One window did not have a screen. I discovered this as my oldest two children LEANED OUT THE SECOND STORY WINDOW!!!
* There was NO hair dryer or clothes iron. We were attending a wedding the next day so this caused great frustration. I asked for a hair dryer at the front desk and was told they were all being used. I think the truth is there were none to be had to begin with but the lady didn't want to tell me that.
* In the shower there was a USED BAR OF SOAP WITH A HAIR ON IT!!! Gross.
* The toilet had a mildew stain around the water level line. Either it is seldom flushed or seldom cleaned.
* Only 2 sets of towels in the room, despite indicating 5 guests when reserving and checking in. I had to go to the desk and ask for more, where I was given a tied bag with 2 more sets. I didn't realize there were only 2 until we were ready to give the kids a shower. I didn't want to traipse back to the office for more.

* Breakfast. Average. Bagels, pastries, cold cereals, coffee, milk, juice, hot tea.
* Internet. NONE.
* Swimming pool. This was our biggest disappointment. Upon check-in I asked where the pool was located and the clerk informed me "No pool." I expressed disappointment and that part of why we chose them was the indoor pool. "I don't know where you got your information from" was the response. Um, gee... YOUR WEBSITE and every other website that lists you!

Try telling 3 young children with brand new life jackets they can't go swimming. Not fun. At breakfast we could see the pool, pump still operating. Though it looked liked it hadn't been cleaned all summer. So maybe not swimming was a good thing.

Who should stay here: the groomsmen and other young male guests for the wedding had no real issues with the hotel (other than the lack of internet). So if you are looking for a questionably clean but cheap place to sleep for the night then this hotel will be fine for you. If you are a family with small children by all means DO NOT stay at this hotel.

*** We did not move to another hotel because this was move-in weekend for the local university and all hotels in the area were full.


lifelaughterchaos said...

uuugh. i guess $65 a night does seem a little too good to be true!

wherever HE leads we'll go said...

Sounds like an interesting trip. I think we have stayed in a hotel or two like this before. Not fun!

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