Saturday, September 13, 2008

Wedding Number 3 for Summer 2008

I mentioned recently that 2008 is the Summer of Weddings for us. Here are a couple of pictures from the wedding we attended last month in New York.

My boys called the groom "Handsome Mr. Andy" all weekend. He looked quite handsome all dressed up in his tux! Miss Jess looked beautiful as well.

My guys also enjoyed tapping their glasses during the meal at the reception (for those unfamiliar with this tradition, when anyone taps their glass the bride and groom are supposed to kiss). I think my guys were more concerned with hitting a glass with a fork than the whole kissing part.

They made their own wedding cake -
which is not uncommon among culinary school graduates!


Amy said...

We're still tapping glasses around here...for Mom and Dad! :) Next weekend, wedding #4, I think Tiffany said she got bells to ring because their glasses are plastic cups. I'm sure we'll hear lots of ringing!

Amy said...
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Kat said...

Yeah, we got bells for Tiffany's wedding. Hopefully the weather will be much better by then though. Even though rain is supposed to be good luck ;)

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