Saturday, September 27, 2008

Wedding #4

As we prepared to leave the house to attend wedding number 4 for this summer, Will asked, "How many more weddings do we have to go to?" I think he is all done with weddings!

We had a fun time at the wedding and reception. The highlight for my gang came in the form of cupcakes instead of traditional wedding cake. They also enjoyed playing with friends in the church yard and blowing bubbles as the bride and groom left the building.

Will declared this his favorite wedding (Sorry Jess and Kat! His favor can be easily bought with cupcakes and bubbles!).

He also announced his wedding will take place on June 1st. And that he will marry Mia. Joel informed him he had to ask Mia's Daddy first. I asked Will what he thought Andy would say. "No" was the response.

Ben and Mia were so intent on dipping their wands in the bubbles. The bubble jar was shaped like a cute little chapel.

What is it about boys and their shirt tails?

The beautiful bride and groom left amid a flurry of bubbles. Her dress is amazing!


Amy said...

Great pics! Andy has said no...for now!:) The bubbles were great...the weather was great...and room to run and play with friends...what kid could ask for more?!

Anonymous said...

The Bean would have loved the bubbles too!

Alicia said...

Her dress IS amazing! That is one of the prettiest I have seen! Love that Joel is telling Will from the beginning he will have to as Mia's dad! Awesome!

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