Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Samuel and I at 34 weeks.

I can hardly believe I have 6 weeks left to this pregnancy. At moments that feels like forever but when I consider all I'd like to do in those 6 weeks it doesn't feel long enough!

Sam and I visited the OB again on Friday. Just the routine drill - pee in a cup, stand on the scales, measure the belly, listen to the heartbeat. I remember loving every appointment with Will; my how things change by the fourth baby! Poor kid, he'll be lucky if there are any pictures of him around!

The doctor didn't even mention my low iron blood count and I forgot to ask until I was back in the van. I'm not all that concerned about it. My weight was up 5 pounds in 2 weeks! That was so not accurate! Partly because the appointment 2 weeks ago was before lunch and this one was after lunch and partly because last time the weather was still warm so I had on as few clothes as possible. The weather Friday morning was cool so I wore heavy jeans and clunky fall shoes. We all know how clothing can affect the scale!

The doctor had a hard time getting a reading on Sam's heartbeat. She kept assuring me that it can take a while to find, depending on his position. I wasn't worried since her difficulty was caused by him moving all over the place every time she put pressure on my belly. Clearly he was alive and kicking in there! She finally commented on how much he was wiggling. TELL me about! = )

The only thing of any real interest was that she thought he was in a breach position. Interesting. I've never had one do that this late in the game. She mentioned he could still turn again. I don't know how. Goodness knows there's not much space in there for such maneuvering! It doesn't really matter if he's breach since I'm already having a scheduled c-section. I'd just like him to move his feet out of my right ribs, but that's not likely to happen.

The picture below was taken after church on September 7 at almost 34 weeks. Enjoy!


Jennifer said...

You look great!! I can't wait to meet my nephew!

wherever HE leads we'll go said...

You do look great! I really like that shirt.

Time sure does fly by.

Marc and Charity said...

So glad your appt. went well, I can't believe you only have 6 weeks left!! why c-section? were your others?

Anonymous said...

You look great. I hope your last 6 weeks are smooth and as comfortable as possible.

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