Friday, October 19, 2007

Orchard Fun

For nearly two weeks I've intended to post about our 2nd Annual Columbus Day Apple Picking Church Outing. How's that title for you? I just made it up myself. Anyway... The Outing consisted of our family, A2 & M2, and a bunch of college students from our church. Let's just say it's all about the fun!

Here's Joel, Ellie, Will, and Ben. We're still working on learning to smile for the camera. Aren't they all cute in their overalls? You can't tell here but all the menfolk also have on matching work boots.
Daddy gave Ellie an apple to munch on after we arrived. She munched and munched.
Will and Micah. Don't you love the rain boots! Look at Will with his thumbs hooked in his "farmer jeans." Just like a Uncle Stephen, a real farmer. = )
Try to enlarge and take a look at the expression on Ellie's face. Too cute!

Still munching on that apple!

Don't they look like farmers inspecting their field! Notice the apple.
Apple picking, best friends, AND A BACKHOE!! Will looks very intent on inspecting the equipment. = )
Mia's favorite part is the apple eating. She picks to eat.
Like Father like Daughter.
Does anyone else think this looks like a cell phone advertisement? Or just trouble waiting to happen? Mia's still eating. = )
It's going over the fence! Look at Micah's face. Makes me smile every time I see this picture.
Now she has TWO apples. And they both have bites in them.
My family. Can you tell the boys didn't want to stand still for a picture?


Amy said...

Too fun! All you forgot to mention was the trouble we got into at the orchard...who would have guessed that climbing trees, on a pile of wood, or even running would get us into trouble? Usually we're much worse...Thanks for the pics!

Shayna said...

You know I'm a lover of overalls. Those matching overalls and boots are just the cutest thing! What a fun outing.

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