Friday, October 19, 2007

Does Soft Soap come in chocolate flavor?

Ellie is 13 months old. My how time flies! She has teethed sooner, crawled sooner, climbed sooner, & walked sooner than her brothers. And she talks a lot more than they did. That may be because she is a girl. And her mother's daughter. = )

Currently her list of words include: ma!, mama, da!, dadadada, buh (brother), YUM!, baa (as in sheep), and last but not least uh.

I hear "uh" the most. It has many meanings. "Uuuuhhhh!!!!!" That means "he's bothering me, make him stop." I hear that one a lot! Then there's "UUUhhh!" "That means I've climbed up on something and now I can't get off. I'm stuck. Come get me."

I heard that last one a couple of mornings ago. The boys and I were in their room changing their clothes and making their beds. It finally sunk into my conscious mind that Ellie was calling her "stuck" word. Naturally I went in search of where she'd gotten herself this time.

I found Ellie sitting on a toilet. I didn't even know she could climb up there without a stool. Thankfully the lid was down! Anyway, there she sat with the hand soap bottle between both hands and the spout in her mouth. When she saw me a grin grew from ear-to-ear and she proudly announced, "YUM!"

I guess anything tastes good after eating crumbs and dried up food off the floor.

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Linda said...

Ellie can't be totally your daughter if she's ready to eat just anything, can she? Wonder where she gets that trait?? Sounds like she'd make a good missionary. ("Lord, I'll get it down if you'll keep it down.")


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