Wednesday, October 17, 2007

One more prayer request.

*** Updated to add: Linda will not be traveling to the States after all. She is unable to get any flights to arrive before the funeral. Please pray for comfort from the God of All Comforts.

Let me just say today's e-mails have not been easy! First there was the one about Emily (Thank you all for praying, by the way. For those who left comments I e-mailed Mike about them and can see from my Statcounter that he's looked at them). Then we received news that one of my mother-in-law's sisters died during the night.

We'd appreciate your prayers. Specifically, comfort for my mother-in-law, Linda, and her remaining sister. They lost another sister last year. Also, pray for travel safety, luggage arrival, flight connections, etc. Linda is coming in alone from overseas and if you know anything about international travel you know how crazy it can be.

Joel & I will not be able to attend the funeral which will probably be in the Houston area. But my sister-in-law, Lara, plans to go with Linda. That is Lara and Baby Susanna plan to go. Baby Susanna is about 5 months old and I have no doubt will be receiving lots of hugs and kisses from Grammy. Three generations of women traveling to celebrate the life of one of their own.

If Mike's e-mail in the post below (or here) doesn't cause you to praise God then head over to Joel's post. I warn you he's wordy but it's all good. Maybe cause it's lots of scripture and all about the GOOD God.

Last but not least, and on an up-note, I am awaiting a phone call from my other sister-in-law (I have two: Joel's sis and my brother's wife). Today Jennifer had a regular mid-pregnancy ultrasound. They decided to find out if the baby is a girl or boy and are supposed to call to tell us. You know I'll be calling her before it gets too late tonight if she forgets about us!! = )

I'm hoping for a girl. Ellie needs another girl cousin. Though a boy would be just fine. For passing on the family name and all that stuff. = ) That's very important down South. Here's a little family tidbit that has no eternal value but since I'm rambling I'll throw it in. My paternal Grandpa had 4 sons. Of those sons, only my Dad has a son to pass on the family name. So you can understand why we are all itching to know what this baby is.

Plus, I saw some Land's End clothes drastically marked down at Sears the other night. If it's a girl I will have to go back tomorrow to see if they are still there. = )

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Amy said...

Please, let us know what Jennifer finds out! Although I am someone who didn't "find out" with either of my little ones, I enjoy it when other people find out. Of course, once we know boy or girl--the next question is name! :)

We'll be praying for Linda. Sorry to hear of your loss...and know that prayers are certainly powerful!

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