Sunday, October 14, 2007

The Answer is...

Beavertail Lighthouse on Conanicut Island (that's Jamestown, Rhode Island if you are ever interested in visiting).

This is one of our favorite Rhode Island spots. We enjoy climbing on the rocks, watching the seagulls, and looking in tidepools (or "water beds" as Will calls them). And it's all free!

Saturday morning we packed a picnic lunch and drove South. After finding a parking spot, we chased butterflies across a grassy field. By we, I mean the boys. Monarchs fluttered everywhere. The boys never managed to catch one though not for lack of trying. They also chased seagulls who were smart enough to stay just out of reach.

After pausing to watch a low-flying helicopter we climbed down the rocks in the front of the lighthouse to look in tidepools. Climbing is second nature for my boys so they had no difficulty making their way to the water. Will was all for jumping in for a swim. We managed to convince him the water at this time of year is very cold.

In the tidepools we watch, and touched, snails, seaweed, and shells. As we made our way around the rocks we came to a small group of fishermen. One fisherman availed himself of a narrow tidepool to keep his catch alive until he was ready to leave. Large and living fish in a tidepool elicited tons of questions from both boys. I have no idea what kind of fish they were but the boys sure enjoyed watching them.

I have more to say about an old battery and a wedding we witnessed but I'll do that in another post. As well as more pictures. = )


Linda said...

Sounds like a perfect day! Such a good idea to get out before really cold weather hits.


mer said...

Beautiful! We're land-locked here, but I think being able to see the ocean would be amazing!

Glad you had a fun family outing.

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