Thursday, October 18, 2007

What's in a name?

I've had a couple of fun emails about names. It's got me thinking about fun & interesting name tidbits in my life. I've already explained in the previous post (or here) about my brother and I having the same initials. Here are a couple of other fun things.

1. My mom & mother-in-law have the same name: Linda Kay. How crazy is that?!
2. My brother is the 3rd generation (at least) Lee. Just one more reason why my niece will have that name.
3. One year in college there were four girls in our dorm suite (two bedrooms shared a bathroom and living room area). S. Smith & Shayna S. roomed together. Stephanie R. & R. Smith roomed together. How fun is that?! = )
4. All three of my children have names that traditionally use nicknames that start with "B." William - Bill (we use Will), Benjamin - Ben and Elisabeth - Beth (we use Ellie).
5. One of my dad's cousins also married a Linda. It got confusing at family gatherings to have TWO Linda R.
6. I had a cousin named Jennifer R. (until she got married). My brother married a Jennifer. Thankfully they each go by different nicknames.

Now that I've filled your heads with completely useless information I'll let you go....Oh! One more thing. In our family birthday months are always shared.
January: my dad & my mom's dad
May: my brother, my husband, & Will
June: my mom & my dad's mom
August: my mother-in-law, Joel's grandmother, & Ellie
November: my brother's wife, me

Poor Ben is stuck out in February all by himself... I wonder who will join our family one day with a birthday in February? = )

OK. That's enough useless trivia about Stephanie. Do you have any useless trivia like this in your family? Please share. I love hearing about this kind of stuff! = )


Julie said...

My two oldest were both born the 12th of the month. (different months). Both were born on Thurs. night. (For the first the labor started on Wedn.) For both I was brought up to my room just in time to catch ER! Seemed like deja vous! By third was due on the 6th. Everyone except me thought it would be cool if she was born on the 12th. She arrived a few days early on the third, on a Sunday afternoon. And she's been her own little person since then!

Stephanie said...

I completely forgot about my kids birthday connections.

27th, 22nd, 29th.
All on Tuesdays.

Will & Ben were the day after holidays - Memorial Day & President's Day.

Ellie was a few days before Labor Day.

Oh! And my friend Christie called me from her hospital room after giving birth to Connor to congratulate me on just giving birth to Ellie. How fun is that?! They share the same birthday. = )

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