Sunday, October 21, 2007

Here We Go Again

Murphy lives at my house. His laws always rule. You know like "if something can go wrong it will." In our case, "the more simple a house project appears the more difficult it will become."

House projects are just never simple for us (and by that "us" I totally mean JOEL). Case in point, the Plumbing Debacle of Summer '07. This time around it's plumbing, again.

Yesterday Joel decided to work on my kitchen faucet. For the last month the faucet has become more and more difficult to swivel. It's really been a pain when I wash dishes. By the way, I do not have a dish washer and only have a single basin sink. So I need the faucet to swivel.

My sweet husband picked yesterday afternoon to try and fix it for me. We both thought it would be simple. Loosen a screw or a nut. Maybe replace some kind of washer or something in side the faucet and we'd be all set. He set about trying to take the faucet apart. I'll spare you the blow-by-blow account and just say he couldn't get the faucet to disconnect from the sink because he couldn't get a good angle on a screw or something. The solution was to take the whole sink out.

"Hey!," said me, "since you're taking the sink out, which I totally hate, how about we run to Lowe's and pick up a beautiful stainless steel sink to go back in?" It SOUNDED simple. Pull out the old cast iron enamel (which was worn and stained on the inside). Drop in a sparkly stainless steel sink. And hook up a new faucet since the old one wasn't salvageable.

After we bought the sink & faucet I dropped Joel off at home and took the kids to McDonald's to eat supper and play. We HOPED at least the sink would be installed when I returned. Not only was the sink NOT installed, there was sawdust everywhere! The short version is the new sink needed a bigger hole so Joel had to cut, saw and chisel away at the hole in the counter. After all that, the sink still wouldn't fit because it has these clippy deals (how's that for technical terms?) that fasten the sink to the counter and our counter is thicker than the clips.

All that to say, I currently have no kitchen sink and my hubby is working hard to solve this problem. I've suggested that we go buy a new counter top while we're at it but that idea was not met with enthusiasm, as you can well imagine. When the whole thing is finished I'll post some pictures for you to see. Wish me luck on that new counter top! = )


Amy said...

In an attempt to try to help, I mentioned to Joel this morning that you're really just trying to save him work...both with the new sink and now with a new countertop. I am on your side! :) We'll see how it all works out--but at the very least, I hope that you have a usable sink soon, or the ability to eat out a lot until its ready!

Stephanie said...

Sadly, a new counter is not in my short-term future. sigh.. I understand...the extra work...the cost...etc. But the current one sure is ugly. Useable. But U.G.L.Y.

O! The sink is in. The plumbing is being connected.

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