Wednesday, October 17, 2007

It's a.....

Girl!!! I'm going to be an aunt (again) to a little girl!! Yippee! And Ellie will have a playmate when we visit Arkansas. Yeah!

Stephen & Jennifer aren't set yet on a name. They have one they are leaning towards but aren't a hundred percent yet so I won't put it. Other than the middle name. That will be Lee. Stephen & Jennifer (my brother & his wife) both have "Lee" for middle names. So it's pretty much a given this baby will also.

Did you notice that my brother's name is "Stephen?" Yep. It gets even cuter when you know I'm Stephanie Linda and he's Stephen Lee. Yes, we had the exact same initials until I got married.

I've always thought sibling names like that are cute. Like our friends' children, Micah and Mia. I couldn't do that though. "William" is a family name. My little guy is, I think, the 5th generation to bear the name. How could I not use it?! But to name my daughter "Wilhelmina" would have been going to far. No offense to anyone!

Which reminds me. My cousin is also pregnant and due in January, I think. Anyway. They received so much unsolicited name advice and comments from family members after they named their first daughter that for this one they are telling everyone the baby will be named after my cousin's husband (William Joseph). The baby's name...wait for it...Wilhelmina Josephina. I love it! And all the family, specifically their parents, believe them! Isn't that great? No matter what name they say after the delivery the grandparents are going to love it. = ) Again, no offense to any Wilhelmina Josephina's out there. But ya know, it really is quite a mouth full.

Well, I'm rambling again and my hubby is waiting to pray together so I better get off. Can you tell I'm a little keyed up tonight?


Amy said...

Great news! Girls are so different from boys that Eliie will certainly enjoy some "girl time" when she can get it!

Marc and Charity said...

That's funny b/c while I was reading I was thinking "is this her brother? and his name is stephen? how funny"

mer said...

I love this post because I LOVE names!

And my middle name is Lee too. I love the names we chose for our kiddos but am a little sad I didn't name one of them Lee. But not sad enough to have another baby. smile!

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