Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Out with the Old, In with the New

Here are pictures of the latest house project debacle. Go here to refresh your memory as to what this is all about. Also, my husband has a pretty funny description from his perspective here.
Good-bye ugly, stained sink.
How about that tacky floor? Ugh!

Cruisin' the aisles at Lowe's.
The infamous too-small hole.
Can you see why I want new counters? I like the cabinets though.
My shiny new sink & faucet.


mer said...


Looks great. I know you're glad to have your kitchen back in working order! Home improvement projects at our house take on a life of their own too!

I really like the windows plaque you have above your sink too! I zoomed in to read it. How amazing to see and reflect on that every day!

Oh yeah, my house in Arkadelphia had those exact same countertops!

Marc and Charity said...

That is some buggy at Lowe's! Goodness me.

And I like your sink too! ;)

Linda said...

Looks as good as if a pro had installed it (though I'm sure it wouldn't have taken as long). Perseverence wins the day. Congratulations!


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