Wednesday, November 12, 2008

A Homemade Race Car.

When William sees a box he sees potential. This time he saw a potential race car. Complete with working wheels and jack to change the tires.

Daddy convinced him the box was not strong enough to support his weight on axles and real wheels. Disappointment resulted. But not for long! Hope returned when Daddy (aka MacGuyver) set to work to produce a pretend race car.

Who needs store bought toys when you have a couple of boxes and duct tape?!

The white piece across the middle is the seatbelt.
William winning his race!
Ben needed a helmet for his race.

Ellie also required a hat for driving. Notice that she posed for the camera.


Alicia said...

I love those pics!!!

Amy said...

So fun! Micah asked on the way home if we could build a race car the next time we get a box! :) I love that it's the little things that are so fun for know, leaves and boxes! :)

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