Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Leaves of Three Let it Be

As a child I learned I react to poison ivy. Bad. It's not fun. I break out in a rash and ITCH! So I've always been careful to avoid the nasty stuff. In college I went on a hike with my now-husband, and several other friends. They were all fine. Some how I managed to find the poison ivy. Again, NOT FUN!

Saturday evening a place on my right wrist started itching. Followed by a spot on the same forearm, a spot on my chest (how did it get there?!), and right now my neck is itching like crazy!!!

How in the world did I get poison ivy?! I don't go tramping through the woods these days. I've learned my lesson and stick to the beaten path and NEVER touch leaves on any ivy sort of plant.

In search of answers I took a closer look at some bumps on Ben. He's a two year old boy. He's covered with bumps, scrapes and bruises so I tend to dismiss them. On closer inspection I realized he also has poison ivy. That answered the question of how I got it. The problem is I'm not for certain when his bumps first appeared. They could be from a birthday party we attended last week in the boonies of Connecticut. Or it could be from the park Daddy took the boys to Thursday night. Or it could be from the Nature Trail at the Zoo we visited on Friday.

Regardless of where it came from it's spreading on both of us. So far no one else has gotten it. Thank goodness! But you should see the poor little guy's chest. He hasn't complained about itching and I haven't seen him scratching but I think a little Benedryl is in order tonight. For BOTH of us.

Hey, since it's on my wrist maybe I can get of out should not be cooking and washing dishes. After all I don't want to contaminate our food. Purely, selfless motives on my part. I wouldn't want this plague to spread to anyone else. Just a thought.

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stephanie@{Olive Tree} said...

That sounds like no fun! My husband catches it super easy and has had it several times while we've been married - I must not be allergic to it, because I've never caught it.

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