Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Fr*e M@vies

*** Edited. 12/28/07. This post keeps getting search engine hits. After doing the same search I think people are looking for a VERY VERY BAD m@vie so I am editing this hoping to stop these people from coming to my blog.

I enjoy watching m@vies. I do not enjoy paying an arm or a leg to watch a m@vie whether it's on the big screen or my screen. A number of years ago my husband discovered the library system in Rhode Island has vid*os and d v ds as well as books. FR*E m@vie viewing!! How incredible is that?

Pop the kids in bed. Pop some popcorn. Pop a fr*e m@vie in the machine. Hello, fr*e date!

We probably wouldn't watch as many m@vies as we do if it not for one thing: one of the larger libraries in our state is right next door to my husband's office. For years he has walked over during lunch and checked out an armload of m@vies. They aren't usually new releases but they are new to me. Sometimes he picks real duds. But, hey, they were fr*e so what does it matter? Sometimes we don't watch them all before they are due. But, again, they're fr*e so we don't care.

Fr*e vid*os and d v ds? Works for me.

*** To see what we watched recently head over to my husband's blog, Rambling Bits and Bytes, and read some of his m@vie reviews. You'll find them under the "m@vie review" label. If you do visit him, could you leave him a comment, pretty please? Thanks.


Rhen said...

We take advantage of our library as well. Usually it is educational for the kids and projects but always helpful!!
Great tip!

Heather said...

We are HUGE fans of library DVDs! They're also great for the kiddo DVDs when you don't want to invest buckets in something they might not be interested in five minutes later. Thanks for sharing!

Laane said...

They're not free to watch here, but after a certain amount of time they seel them, seen or unseen, for 1 dollar 50.

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