Wednesday, August 29, 2007


I promise to do a post on the lessons Beth gave at the conference. We've had the little girl across the street with us in the afternoon this week so I haven't had time or energy for serious thinking posts. Joel will be home on Monday so maybe I can get some writing done then. Or house cleaning. Or decluttering of my basement, AGAIN. Anyway.

Here's a tip for all you new moms. Chocolate cake with chocolate frosting shows up the best in pictures when your children are as lily white as mine. So that's what we have for the 1st birthday cake. The boys had to be coaxed into eating theirs. It took a few samples before they decided chocolate tasted yummy. Now they need no coaxing! Ellie didn't need convincing. She dived into her cake with enthusiasm and zest. And here is the photographic evidence. Sorry the pictures are a little blurry. You get the idea though.


Anonymous said...

I LOVE it! Wow! She's covered! Connor was sick on the big day. He really felt bad so we did a little apple cake with whipped cream on top and are planning the REAL birthday cake for the party with my sister's fam. He liked the cake and made a mess, but he just wasn't as into it as I think he'll be when he's feeling better. LOVE these pictures!!!

Dawn in KY said...

These pictures are great. What woman doesn't LOVE chocolate? Ellie is on the right track so far. : ) Glad to hear she enjoyed herself & yes it is hard to believe she is a year old already. WOW time flies! And I loved your post about how she tries to "work" dad with the pouting and drama. So funny. Hopefully dad doesn't fall for it! But I can see from her face that it could be difficult.

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