Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Countdown Continues #4

Countdown: 2 days. 48 hours. Until the Living Proof Live Providence Event!!!

I've been checking off more items on my To Do List. Today I shopped for my contribution to our Friday night/Saturday morning Junkfoodpalooza. We decided that eating supper at 4:30 will leave us ravenous when we return to the hotel at 10:30. As there aren't many places in down city Providence open at that time of night that we care to be seen in we agreed to bring our own snacks to the hotel.

Amy's sweet husband has supplied her with a "Care Package." I don't know what's in it but I'm betting CHOCOLATE!!! Julia loves nuts but her daughter has a peanut allergy. Guess what she's bringing. She mentioned peanuts, pistachios AND cashews when I spoke with her a couple of nights ago.

And me? I'm bringing something dairy, grain, meat, and fruit. Don't believe me? Check this out.

I realized when setting this picture up that there is a definite deficiency in chocolate! I must have been in a salty mood while shopping this morning. I plan to run to the grocery store tomorrow night (it's the last day for $1.79 steak!). I might just have to pick up a bag of chocolate candy.

At this rate I'm going to be lucky if I haven't picked up 5 new pounds by Saturday night. I say Saturday night 'cause we're planning to meet some old friends at The Cheesecake Factory for lunch Saturday. I'm confident decadent desserts will be shared by all!


ahaynes98 said...

Looks great! Yes, you are deficient in chocolate...but I have some to share. We'll balance one another out--I don't have so much salty. BUT...if you want to buy a bag of chocolate, who am I to stop you? Just think, if there are any leftovers you'll have a good week at home...just a thought! :)

Can't Wait!

Anonymous said...

What will the husbands survive on?

Stephanie said...

Anonymous, I'm not sure about Julia's husband but I feel sure he'll be fine. Amy's husband is sitting pretty. Her parents are coming from out of state to care for the kids. Any my hubby has frozen pizza, frozen burritos, and chicken nuggets. Not to mention have for sandwiches, peanut butter, and tuna fish. I've even shared my cokes, honey buns & jerky with him. Oh! I also bought him tortilla chips and cheese dip (which the boys declare they don't like so it's all his). AND there's ice cream in the freezer.

All that to say. NOBODY is going hungry around here. Have I mentioned we're on a diet? Ha!Ha! = )

Westafricanrains said...

Don't you know that calories don't count when you are with girlfriends. It's a rule.

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