Wednesday, August 15, 2007

11 Reasons I'd Date Him All Over Again

Eleven years ago today my husband and I began dating. In honor of that life changing event I give you my list:

11. His mischievous grin is contagious.

10. He gives great back rubs.

9. He makes me laugh.

8. He's really a softie. Shh! Don't tell anyone! Extreme Home Makeover gets him every time. The part at the beginning when they explain why the family needs the house. Not the actual building the house. = )

7. My hand fits perfectly in his hand.

6. He seeks God with all his heart.

5. He encourages me to seek God.

4. William.

3. Benjamin.

2. Elisabeth.

1. I love him and can't imagine life without him.

***Would you mind being really sweet and checking out his blog? Rambling Bits & Bytes. While your there, could you please leave a comment, too. That would totally make his day. = ) Thanks.


Marc and Charity said...

Aww, how sweet! Those days seem like forever ago in some ways!

Tech Daddy said...

You're making me blush.

I love you and would date you all over again, too.

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