Monday, August 27, 2007

4:45 a.m.

This weekend really consisted of two separate but overlapping components: the Word of God & friendships. Both are fundamental to my health and well-being. As a wife and momma I can't do what I do without staying in the Scriptures. I also NEED my girlfriends. They remind me insanity comes with motherhood. They also remind me that God gave me the husband He knew I needed!

When we were with Beth this weekend it was all about the WORD. But when we left Beth, Oh BOY! did we get rowdy. We talked non-stop from the time we met up until we separated to return to our homes, with the exception of one hour and fifteen minutes. You think I'm kidding?!

Our hotel sits across the street from the convention center. Whichever one of us thought of spending the night in Providence was a genius! While everyone else waited in their cars to drive out of the parking garages (Julia's mom took 45 minutes, at least, just to get out of the garage!) we casually looked over the book tables and strolled to our hotel.

Once in our room we changed into our pajamas. Julia won the Best Pajama/Nightgown Award. Sadly, I forgot to take a picture of her Cinderella and Step-Sisters nightgown. It definitely set the tone for our pajama party! I also need to present a Most Prepared Award to the woman who brought the most underwear. The winner brought FOUR pairs of underwear. And I quote, "in case there's a nuclear bomb." She requested to remain nameless.

After switching into our comfortable p.j.s we arranged ourselves and our buffet-o-weight-gain on the beds. We laughed and talked. Swapped labor and delivery stories. Discussed having more children. Shared thoughts on school choices. The topics were endless, as was the chatter. Around 1:30 a.m. Julia & Carrie drifted off to sleep. Amy & I tried for about 2 minutes to go to sleep. Then we yakked some more until 4:45 a.m., at which time we decided a nap would be a good idea.

The funny thing is that Amy & I see each other every Sunday at church and often e-mail throughout the week. Yet, we were the ones who stayed up all night talking. She insightfully pointed out the reason: we seldom finish a conversation do to the combined 5 children that are normally with us.

Even though I'm still trying to make up for the sleep I missed I'd do it all again! Saturday was more of the same so I won't bore you with the details. Just trust me there was talking. Laughing. Worshipping. Crying. And more eating.

God does indeed supply every need. This weekend he supplied 3 girlfriends to fill my need for fellowship. Three women who are learning to love God with all their hearts. Three women who inspire me (no more seconds! and sit-ups here I come). Three women who see life differently than I do and that's a good thing!

Thank you, Ladies, for contributing to a fantastic weekend that I won't forget. By the way, next year I vote for TWO nights in a hotel. Do you think the husbands will go for it?

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ahaynes98 said...

YES...2 night is a MUST! We could use some sleep after our eating, talking, worshipping, crying, studying, and the list goes on!

Ladies, I enjoyed EVERY minute and wouldn't have changed a thing. Thank you ALL for making the time so amazing!

Looking forward to next year...let the planning begin! :)

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