Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Apple Pickin'

It's fall. In Rhode Island that means it's apple pickin' time. So last week we met "Auntie G," Miss Pat, Julia & Emma, Amy & Micah & Mia at Steere Farm.

This was not our first apple picking adventure together at Steere Farm. 3 years ago when there was only Will, Emma & Micah we all went apple picking together. Will & Emma were just over one year old and Micah wasn't quite a year yet. Three years have brought a lot of changes.

But somethings stay the same. Like Auntie G.'s love for our children. And her love for Steere Farm. She's been going there for years. But I don't think my troop will be going back to Steere Farm.

Sadly, we brought home more than apples. I knew it was going to happen when we were only a few feet from the trees and Auntie G. said, "I hope no one's allergic to poison ivy." The evil plant grew EVERYWHERE under the trees and even up the trees! Clearly Auntie G. does not read this blog or she would have known that Ben & I are allergic.

I'm positive I didn't touch any of the leaves myself. But I have itchy spots on my right forearm and inner elbow. This leads me to believe little people spread the fun! Poor Ben's arms are covered again. Even Ellie and Will have a few random bumps, but nothing like Ben's.

As for the actual picking, mostly Auntie G. did the apple picking for our bags to take home. My boys would pick an apple. Eat a few bites. Throw the apple down. Run to another tree. And begin the process again. Very cute but they didn't fill our bag. And they weren't terribly hungry for lunch afterward either.

Here are a few pictures for your viewing pleasure: Ben; Ben & Mia; Will, Micah & Mia; The Whole Gang with Auntie G.

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Alicia said...

How terrible to hear about the poison ivy!!! Some of the best pictures I have of Timothy ever are picking apples on our trip to the East coast. I know if I lived there I would want to do it every year!!!

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