Sunday, September 16, 2007

A Worship Leader in the Making.

William loves music. He likes to sing, pluck on his child's guitar, pound on the keys of our piano, and dance. Boy does he like to dance!

Many times this summer his voice drifted through my open windows as he sang, at the top of his lungs, while playing in the backyard. I've wondered what our neighbors think. Not just because he's so LOUD but because spiritual songs comprise most of his repertoire . A couple of snippets from hymns. A few choruses of praise songs. A WHOLE lot of Psalty the Singing Song Book. And the occasional VeggieTales (you know "Where is My Hairbrush" is a highly spiritual song!).

Last December, Will and his friend, Micah, began attending the music portion of our church service. The boys come into the worship service with us, participate in the music and then, following the offering, join the other children in the childcare room for Sunday School time. (It may help to understand that our church is fairly small and has only been around about 7 years. We meet in 2 conference rooms in a hotel. Our children's department has 7 children in it, three are mine.)

Most of the time Will stands quietly or Joel holds him. He seldom sings or acknowledges the music. For a while I wondered if he was learning anything. But during the summer I discovered he is listening and learning.

One day as we drove to the store a song came on the radio. (There is only so much kid music a momma can take! So I try to sneak in KLOVE when possible.) Will announced, "MR. JAMES SINGS THAT SONG IN CHURCH!" And then he began to sing the song. This happened several times during the summer with different songs. I have to tell you, it brings tears to my eyes every time 'cause I can see God's love growing in his little four-year-old heart.

We told Mr. James about Will singing at home. Complete with guitar just like Mr. James. And sometimes a stuffed animal audience to sing with him. (Side note: one day he came inside and informed me he had been preaching outside! Grandpa, Granddaddy, I think you 3 might have a revival team in the making!) Mr. James & Mr. Lou suggested that Will help them lead the music one day.

Today was the day. Will practiced his song. Dressed up. And gathered his music "shaker." He wanted to take his guitar but I persuaded him the shaker would be better. Off we went to church. His song was up first.

They gave him his own microphone and only sang the chorus since he doesn't know the words to the verses. He looked so cute; a little nervous, but so, so cute. He managed to sing some of the words, not NEARLY as loud as at home but I credit the nervousness for that. And no dancing. Since we attend a Southern Baptist church that might be a good thing.

The song? Matt Redman's You Never Let Go. The chorus reads "Oh no, You never let go. Through the calm and through the storm. Oh no, You never let go. In every high and every low. Oh no, You never let go Lord, You never let go of me."


Anonymous said...

Praise God for these early signs of worship from one so young. He looks like such a big boy. You must be so proud. Tears!!!

Your Connecticut Buddy

Amy said...

So is amazing what the little ones pick up that we really think they're missing! Sorry I missed it, but look forward to the NEXT time!

Julie said...

How precious! My youngest dd loves that song! Whenever she's "bugging" my older dd, I'll hear my oldest call down the stairs. "Mommy, put on You Never Let Go." Sure enough Livvy comes running to worship in the kitchen!

Westafricanrains said...

Will might have to get together with Zachary. Zachary has taken to picking up different books and calling them his Bible. Then, he opens the book up and starts "preaching." I got to see this last weekend. I'm thinking we might have a preacher on our hands. It is such a joy to watch and see God moving in the hearts of little ones.

Linda said...

God's at work! Wish we could have been there for Will's debut. Please forward a picture to us.

Grammy and Granddaddy

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