Wednesday, September 12, 2007

I know she did NOT shake her head about me!

To the woman who shook her head in smug contempt at me at the Day Out with Thomas,

Please allow me to explain why I preferred my boys NOT play in the sandbox Edaville so kindly provided.

First of all, we have a sandbox at home. I did not drive an hour, and pay $16 each, for my guys to play with something we have at home. That they play with anytime they want and for free. Between the trains, carnival rides, teeter totters, Ferris Wheel, and assorted other activities, that we DON'T have at home, there was plenty for them to experience.

Secondly, after walking in the sun all day my guys were sweaty. And they had on jeans with tennis shoes. Had they played in the sandbox they would have looked like catfish fillets ready to be deep fried. And all that lovely sand would have been hauled into my van for the HOUR long ride back home. Then I would have had the pleasure of vacuuming the sand out of my van. A pleasure, I assure you, I am willing to fore go.

Lest you think my boys are leading a deprived life. Let me inform you that they spend most of their days outside. Barefoot. And shirtless. Playing in the dirt. Leaves. Grass clippings. And water. Believe me. They are in no way deprived of creative and dirty fun.

Thank you for letting me explain myself. In the future, if you feel the need for head shaking, please do it out of sight. The mama that time may not take your head shaking as politely as I did.



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