Friday, September 14, 2007

Survivor: Family Season

Joel & I used to be loyal Survivor fans. I say "used to be" because our interest in the show died about 5 seasons ago. The contestants just tend to be too strange or ridiculous to hold our attention. Not to mention almost naked most of the time.

So I was thinking, why not have a "Family Edition." Kind of like what The Amazing Race did. We absolutely love that show, by the way. I think we're ready for Survivor: Family.

My kids run around mostly naked every day. In fact, I fully dress all 3 in the morning but somehow by supper time Will is only wearing pants and the other 2 only have on diapers. I'm not sure how that happens.

Eating strange things? No problem. Last night at supper Will announced, "I ate a leaf." What? One of the leaves off the Oak tree? "Only half a leaf." What was the leaf from? "Half a leaf. From the plant in the corner of the yard."

Then today I came upon Ellie just chewing away on something. After fishing the mysterious item out of her mouth I examined it. A piece of twig.

Ben is more discerning in his extracurricular crunchings & munchings. He forages for real food. He currently prefers the tomatoes of my pitiful tomato plants. So far I've eaten ONE tomato. Not because the plants aren't producing. Because he plucks them off just before they are truly ripe. I'm not sure if he actually tastes them but an intuition of what is edible could be useful on Survivor.

We'll have to work with him about bugs, though. Not eating them. Being afraid of them. Yesterday I heard "I yee a buwg!" coming from the basement. I investigated and found Ben perched on top of the children's table staring at a cricket crawling around on the bean bag. He kept repeating "I yee a buwg!" Why are you on the table, son? "Cause I fwaid of du buwg." I dutifully captured the cricket and carried it outside.

Now that I think of it, those Survivor locations are always in bug infested locations. Maybe we should take my dad instead of Ben. He keeps talking about wanting to apply. He's not afraid of bugs. And he's willing to eat just about anything... I don't know... They usually vote the "take charge" AARP members off pretty quick.

Hmm.. maybe our family isn't ready for Survivor after all. Maybe we're more of a Fear Factor kind of family. Clearly fear is not a factor for some of us.

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Julie said...

With 3 kids, 4 and under, I'd say you already are a "survivor"!

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