Friday, September 7, 2007

All Aboard!

"Little engines, little engines, little engines can do the biggest things
Little engines, little engines, little engines can do most anything"

Can anyone name the television show that goes with this little song? If you have a child at home under the age of 5 I bet you can!! Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends.

Thomas, and Percy, and Gordon, and Toby and all the other friends are favorites around our house. To date we own 2 DVDs, 1 video, 2 plastic Thomas toy sets, a wooden track with various train cars, and several Thomas books. See. I wasn't kidding when I said Thomas is a favorite.

Because the boys enjoy Thomas so much Joel and I have wanted to take them on a real train ride. We heard about a place in Massachusetts that has a real train & carnival type rides for kids. About 2 weeks ago I researched the place, Edaville USA, on-line. This is what I found.

So today Joel took the day off work and we drove about an hour to Edaville USA. Where we met Sir Topham Hatt. And rode on a real train pulled by Thomas (see below). And rode a Ferris Wheel. And ate overpriced food. And had a blast!
The day could not have been better. All the schools in our area are in full swing so there were no kids over the age of 6 to be seen!! Not that I have anything against big kids. It's just that my little guys have a hard time seeing and playing with exhibits when they are around.

Will is already talking about going back and taking his friend, Micah. Oh, the fun those two could have!! If you are ever in the Boston, Providence or Cape Cod areas I recommend adding Edaville to your trip. Admission price is reasonable and concessions/souveniours are no more expensive than other amusement parks. Also, check out this link to see if Thomas is coming to a railroad near you this fall (for those in Connecticut, North Carolina, and Austin he's headed your way!). I highly recommend going on a weekday!


Marc and Charity said...

That's funny, a town a few minutes from here had a day out with Thomas a while back- we got to see the train, but we didn't ride on it. At the time, Cerys could have cared less. Now she enjoys watching it though.

Jennifer, Snapshot said...

I've heard mixed reviews about this Day Out, so I'm glad to hear a positive one. Kyle is a HUGE Thomas fan!

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