Friday, September 28, 2007

More excitement than we bargained for.

Will is fascinated right now with camping out. He talks about campfires and tents fairly often. So Joel decided to set up our tent tonight and camp out in the backyard.

It's a small 2 person tent we received from his company in recognition of 5 years of service. At least I think it was 5 years. We used the tent once for a trip to the NY State Fair (?) and then to Niagara Falls. You can understand that was before we had children.

Back to tonight. As soon as supper was over Joel took all the supplies outside. It started getting dark around 6:30 pm tonight so he had to work fast. A campfire was made and s'mores were cooked. The boys love s'mores!!

About an hour later they came inside, brushed teeth and changed into their pajamas - thick fleece ones for the boys and warm sweats for daddy. Joel mentioned taking one of our phones out to the tent with them. (We have 3 phones that all work off of one base and can act as an intercom.) He had visions of me bringing out snacks to him later tonight. Ha!

I decided the phone idea was a good one and carried it out to the tent. The three men in my family were cozy inside the tent reading library books with the aide of a flashlight. The closer I walked to the tent (in the dark) the more I heard critter noises in the bushes about 10 feet from the tent. I told Joel there was a critter in the yard!

A critter is not surprising. We once had a huge dead possum in our backyard. We also have lots of cats that prowl the neighborhood. And skunks. That's the one I was afraid of. I grabbed Joel's flashlight and shown it on the bushes. Sure enough. A SKUNK!! I practically threw the flashlight back to Joel, who promptly zipped the tent door, then I bent a path back into the house!

I turned on the floodlight for the backyard so I could see where the skunk had gone. From the safety of my window I told Joel where the skunk was in the yard. Then Joel prayed that God would make the skunk go away and that they wouldn't get sprayed! Praise the Lord the skunk made his way under the fence and into the neighbor's yard.

Whew! Such excitement for a little backyard camp out in the suburbs! Head over to Joel's blog, that's Rambling Bits & Bytes on my sidebar, tomorrow to read more about their adventure. He's taken pictures and intends to blog tomorrow. I'm thinking that will happen after his nap. 'Cause I don't think he's going to sleep much tonight for thinking about that skunk, not to mention his two VERY squirmy bed mates.

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