Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Life this week - the short version.

Here's the short version of life around our house this week.

1. I am working on being more consistent in expecting obedience from the kids. This requires more effort and attention on my part. Thus the decrease in blogging.

2. Trying to stay on top of the laundry situation. Will wakes up dry about half the time which means washing sheets every day. Mostly he doesn't wake up until AFTER the deed is done. Sigh..

3. Ben is wearing "big boy" underwear this week. This requires more attention on my part. He does well as long as I remember to take him to the bathroom every 20 to 30 minutes. Although today he pooped TWICE in the underwear. NOT cool, son! Also a cause for our growing mountain of laundry.

4. Ellie has decided walking is fun. She's cruising all over the place. She still scoots a little but mostly she's walking. Very cute. But, again, requires a lot of attention from me.

5. Joel power washed the house Monday. Good-bye, mildew! At least until next year. The problem is our house is situation directly east-west. This means the front of the house never gets direct sunshine. It's a recipe for mildew! UGH!

6. We watched Will's best friend, Micah, and his sister, Mia, last night so their momma could go to a meeting with their daddy. The boys love playing together. At one point in the evening both Will & Micah were sitting on the bean bag chair with their arms around each other's shoulders. Young friendship is sweet to watch.

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mer said... are in the most labor-intensive phase of parenting right now! It is hard work and requires tons of consistency and attention, but it's so worth it! Hang in there!

I love to watch young friendship too. I think it's even sweeter when you get to watch brothers and sisters demonstrate it! So precious.

I have twin cousins named Mia and Micah. Funny, huh?

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