Thursday, November 3, 2011

Mega Bloks, Thomas and Cub Scouts


Thomas the Tank Engine rolled into our Cub Scouts den meeting today. He came as a Mega Bloks set and brought along Diesel for the fun.

I was a little nervous that my Bear scouts would think Thomas and MegaBloks were beneath them now that they've grown to the ripe old ages of 8 and 9. I knew the 6 year old Tiger scouts would love the sets; after all, the Tiger scout in my house regularly plays with Thomas and Mega Bloks.

We started our party den meeting by pairing up each Bear scout with a Tiger scout. Then I handed each pair either a Thomas Mega Blok set or a Diesel Mega Blok set. They quickly went to work building their models and driving their trains down the tracks. The noise level of 14 boys ages 6-9 having fun was deafening!

One of my favorite things about Cub Scouts is their saying "fun with purpose." As far as my Bear scouts knew they were just having fun. In reality, creativity, leadership and building skills developed a little more today.

So my worry about the Bears enjoying Thomas? Totally a waste of time! Now I have a new worry. What am I going to plan for our next meeting that can be as fun as a Thomas or Diesel Mega Bloks kit?!

How do you make learning fun for your kids?

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Disclosure: To facilitate my participation in a Mommy Parties campaign sponsored by Mega Blok I received 5 Mega Blok Thomas at the Races sets and 5 Mega Blok Diesel sets to give to the children at my party. I also received a Thomas the Tank Engine DVD and a Day at the Dieselworks set to keep. The opinions expressed are mine and were not influenced my Mega Bloks or Mommy Parties.


Amy said...

Looks like a huge success!!! How fun! I can only imagine how loud it was--in a good way! :)

Stephanie said...

It was all good! I loved watching the pairs of boys work together. Some were meticulous in replicating the picture on the box. Others just built it however seemed good to them. Different personalities learning to work together and have fun. It was interesting to watch.

Carrie said...

There are two little boys around here who would feel excessively jealous of your party were I to allow them to look at the pictures on your post. ;D

Stephanie said...

Carrie, too bad you don't live in RI and then we could have our own Thomas Mega Blok party!!

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