Sunday, November 6, 2011

A Family Night on the SMB Mayflower

According to a filed Thanksgiving plan the SMB Mayflower set sail for the New World Friday night. She carried 4 passengers, their assorted stuffed animal cargo and 2 crew members.

The travelers aboard the SMB Mayflower began their voyage with high spirits. First Mate Mama assembled provisions of cheese, beef jerky (salt pork) and root(beer). Hard tack had also been baked especially for the trip.

Because there are no chairs, tables or individual plates aboard the SMB Mayflower everyone came together on the floor of the living room around the communal platter. Following a sweet blessing, all began to eat.

The seafarers soon lodged complaints with First Mate Mama regarding the inedible hockey pucks hard tack. Not wishing to make an emergency trip to the dentist because of a chipped tooth, First Mate Mama quickly scoured her galley and found a package of saltine crackers.

High spirits restored, our young pilgrims finished their meal and moved on to the evening's entertainment - a rousing game of Cariboo.

As the evening grew late, the SMB Mayflower veered off her original sailing activity plan along the Parental Bedroom Shipping Lane. Captain Daddy made a slight course adjustment and the SMB Mayflower settled into the Ellie and Sam Bedroom Shipping Lane. No passengers complained about the detour since it resulted in much chatting, giggling and fun.

As the ship docked this morning, all passengers agreed that their voyage on the SMB Mayflower was a lot of fun and worth doing again. During our interview First Mate Mama said, "This inaugural trip will definitely be an annual tradition for the SMB Mayflower. The only change I foresee is using 3 day old biscuits in place of hard tack."

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Flamingo said...

so tell us Stephanie...why didn't you sleep in your bedroom..loll lol

Stephanie said...

LOL! True confession time: the floor of my bedroom is currently covered with stuff I need to take care of. There's no room for sleeping bags and kids so they slept in Ellie's room instead.

Trish - Sweetology101 said...

here from tip me are a great mom! Amazing fun time.

Stephanie said...

Thanks Trish! We had a really fun time on our imaginary Mayflower and will definitely do it again next year, minus the hardtack.

One Tough Mother said...

Great idea! So clever! I'd love for you to link up on {Not So} Tough Tuesday's on One Tough Mother!

Hope to see you there!

Carrie said...



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