Sunday, November 27, 2011

Our Jesse Tree Journey 2011

"Instead of tucking back Advent calendar flaps, we'll do it this way: we'll wait for the Christ like Zaccheus on the top limb, and we'll read the stories of the Old Testament, the whole pageantry of mankind, from Adam to the Messiah, each story pointing to the coming promise, the incredibly impossible gift, the Glorious Christ.

After each reading of another promise fulfilled, we'll hang the ornament of each story on the branches of a tree, our very own Jesse Tree, a testament to our covenant-keeping, people-passionate God, whose love unfolds like an endless gift down through thousands of years." Quoted from A Jesus Advent Celebration: A Jesse Tree Journey by Ann Voskamp at

This is our first year to use Ann's Jesse tree devotionals and ornaments. I'm excited about it and so are my children. The devotionals will help us remember all month that Christmas is a celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ.

Last night I printed the devotional portion and placed it in a folder. I also printed the ornaments on white card stock and then cut and glued them for ornaments. I'm looking forward to our Jesse Tree Journey.

You can have a Jesse Tree Journey, as well. Visit A Holy Experience and follow the instructions at the end of the post to download your own FREE copy.

How do you prepare for Jesus' birthday on Christmas?

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Amy said...

Planning to start ours tonight! We always seem to miss a few nights and travel, so the earlier the better--and sometimes we still need to double up. BUT, so worth it! Love it! Micah's tree (a small one) is our Jesse Tree. We only put Jesse Tree ornaments on it--it's special when I see the kids looking at it and talking about it! Enjoy yours!!!

Keri Welch said...

I printed it out last year, but we only made it about halfway through. It isn't ever night that we have a family dinner, so that makes it a little tricky. And, my boys are still a little too young for the readings to be easily understood. But, we're gonna try it again this year.

Stephanie said...

Amy, one day I hope to use our little tree as a Jesse Tree. Until then we'll just fill the poor little thing with all kinds of ornaments.

Keri, we always have dinner together. It's just one of the things we do. We also have "Bible Time" after teeth are brushed and pjs are on. My husband is in charge of this. He reads a scripture and we pray together. It's super simple. But it makes doing the Jesse Tree easy because my guys are already in the habit.

If dinner doesn't work for your family, maybe you could do it at breakfast. Also, if your kids are used to sitting for a devotional you could just use the ornaments. Find some children's books that go along with the verses and read one of those each time instead of the devotional. And if you only do 5-10 days this month that's still a success! You, your family, talking about your faith - that's what's important. :D

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