Saturday, November 12, 2011

The Pilgrim's First Thanksgiving

When purchasing holiday related books I look for both detailed and generic books. Squanto and the Thanksgiving Miracle is one of those detailed Thanksgiving books. It focuses on just Squanto and his part in the first Thanksgiving story.

The Pilgrim's First Thanksgiving by Ann McGovern is a generic Thanksgiving book. By generic I mean it tells the broad story of the Pilgrims leaving England, traveling in the Mayflower, building Plymouth and celebrating the first Thanksgiving. It doesn't delve too deeply into any one section of the story.

McGovern does a good job of condensing the Pilgrim story and presenting it in language children can relate to. She makes a point of telling that the children couldn't run and play on the Mayflower and that they worked hard to help their parents build Plymouth.

My children usually connect more with historic stories that mention the lives of children. As a result, I appreciate McGovern including those simple details in her book.

If you are looking for a general Thanksgiving children's picture book, I highly recommend The Pilgrim's First Thanksgiving.

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Carrie said...

This one we have -- and we read it last week. =)

Stephanie said...


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