Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Legend of Squanto CDs

I'm trying to bring the people and events of Thanksgiving to life for my children. Our field trip to Plimoth Plantation last year quite literally brought the Pilgrims to life! This year we're doing something a little closer to home.

We are listening to The Legend of Squanto: An Unknown Hero Who Changed the Course of American History.

The CD set brings the story of Squanto alive through the amazing talents of the Focus on the Family Radio Theatre actors.

Listening to the voices and sound effects helps us imagine we were right there when Squanto became a slave, traveled to Spain and then England and finally returned home to find his entire tribe gone.

Just to be clear, this is not an audio book. It is a radio drama, complete with actors and sound effects. Focus on the Family Radio Theatre always does a superb job of bringing a story to life in our imaginations. I whole heartedly recommend The Legend of Squanto!

If radio drama is something new for your children, and you aren't sure if they will sit still for it, I have two suggestions. First, listen in the car as you drive around on errands. You'll find they don't want to get out of the van! Second, give each child a blank piece of paper or a coloring book and let them draw/color while they listen. Their hands will be occupied while they quietly listen.

Have you listened to The Legend of Squanto? If so, what did you think of it?

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Carrie said...

Good to know of!!

We picked up the Ben Hur drama and I STILL haven't listened to it. =P Or read it for that matter. Anyway...their Radio Dramas are usually very well done. (Think Adventures in Odyssey!)

Stephanie said...

Adventures in Odyssey is great! My kids enjoy those as well. In addition to Squanto we also own A Christmas Carol. I hope to one day own every Focus Radio Drama.

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