Monday, November 14, 2011

Kids' Hand N Foot Turkey Placemat for Thanksgiving

I love any kids' craft or activity that documents the size of my children's hands or feet. I am all too aware how quickly those tiny hands and feet are growing. My oldest son's feet are almost as big as mine!

So when I saw the Hands and Feet Thanksgiving Turkey on* I knew we had to make it. Before you think I'm one of those Crafty Home School Moms, I'm not. We don't do crafts that often because I'm too type A and can't take the chaos. But I set aside my type A-ness today and embraced the chaos.

Here's how we made our Hands and Feet Turkey Placemats:

Step 1: Gather Supplies.
  • You'll need orange, red, brown, yellow and a sheet of your choice colored construction paper. I fit 3 feet and 4 hands on one standard size paper.
  • Glue sticks.
  • Contact paper for the fancy at-home laminating.

Sam's 3 year old feet make me smile.

Step 2: Trace feet and one set of hands.

Steps 3, 4, and 5: (Good practice for ages 5 and up.)
  • Cut out feet and one set of hands.
  • Then trace other two sets of hands with template.
  • Cut out the rest of the hands. 

Step 6: Glue turkey together.
  • Overlap the heels to form a head and glue.
  • Arrange the hands around the brown body and glue in place.
  • Glue the entire turkey to a piece of construction paper.

Step 7: Color eyes, beak, waddle (red hangy thing) and feet. Also have your child write his name, the year and how old he is.

Step 8: Use clear contact paper to cover your turkey place mat and save forever. Also, resist the urge to correct your child's cutting skills. It will be hard but the oddly shaped fingers make the turkey even more precious!

I love my little turkeys, both the construction paper ones and the breathing ones! What children's Thanksgiving turkey crafts have you made this month?

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* Enchanted Learning is a membership site, however, not all of their pages require a membership to be viewed. Hands and Feet Turkey may come up if you search for it. My access is provided as a bonus to my RI Guild of Home Teachers membership. However, I think the personal membership is worth the price given all the projects and worksheets available!

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Lindsi B said...

These are fantastic! What a creative keepsake too? I'd love to make one of these and be able to look at it each year and think about how much they've grown!
Could you please link this up on my blog too so I can share it with my readers?

Stephanie said...

Thanks, Lindsi B. I'd love to share with your readers but I generally only link a post to one meme. Maybe we could share through a guest post? Feel free to email me about it.

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