Monday, November 7, 2011

My Visit to the Mayflower II

As I stepped aboard the Mayflower II (not to be confused with the SMB Mayflower), I wondered what the Pilgrim women felt when they climbed aboard the first time. Busy corralling children and stowing baggage that must have focused on the tasks before them and ignored their fears and apprehensions of sailing out into the unknown.

The Mayflower II

My children excitedly explored the open-to-us areas on deck. William asked a costumed interpreter a few questions about sailing and the ship. Then curiosity drove us below deck to see the area of the (replica) Mayflower that the Pilgrims called home for months.

Sailors quarters
Once below deck I first noticed the lack of lighting. Plimoth Plantation museum installed electrical lighting in the area (and my camera flash filled in a lot more) so you can see to get around but I wouldn't want to try to read fine print for long. I'm sure the candles and lanterns provided the Pilgrims limited lighting as well.

A bunk in the captain's quarters.

Next I realized cold permeated the large room. (Our visit took place in November so it's different during the summer. Also, I wore a sweater, denim jacket and jeans. And was still cold.) I imagine the Pilgrims also felt cold in their temporary home below the water line. Cold and wet as water leaked in from the deck above during the many storms, how did they do it?!

I admire the Pilgrim women. Their bravery and commitment to their husbands should be commended. I don't think I have what it takes to uproot my family, transform an uncomfortable ship into a temporary home, and journey to an unknown place.

I don't have what it takes but I'm sure glad the Pilgrim women did! Could you do it? Would you want to?

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