Friday, November 11, 2011

How to Make a Kid's Pilgrim Hat

It wouldn't be Thanksgiving with young children if we didn't make Pilgrim hats,* right?

First, make a template for a pilgrim hat out of black poster board. It's 14" across the base and 10" high. Fold the brim up at the point it connects to the upper part of the hat. Now you can let your kids trace the template with a crayon or piece of chalk. The crayon or chalk makes the line visible for them to cut along.

Next I cut poster board strips long enough to wrap around my kids' heads. The strip is stapled on the left and right sides of the hat. Tip: staple so the flat side is against the head! The brim will fold up and cover the strip in the front.

Then cut squares of yellow or gold construction paper and black poster board. Glue the black square on top of the yellow. Glue the yellow square to the upper front area of the hat.

Finally connect the strips at the back of your child's head with a paper clip. And take lots of pictures!

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*Basic instructions for these hats came from

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Amy said...

Love this! Thanks for sharing!!!

Stephanie said...

You're welcome. It was super easy and cute. You could probably make miniature ones and write names on the yellow buckle for place cards on Thanksgiving.

Amy said...

We made hats tonight and they turned out cute. I was a little off on the shape of my template--but the kids were happy, so I'll count it a success! :) Good thought on place cards...just might do that this weekend! We're excited to have my parents plus 4 other guests--so a little bit of a full house! :)

Stephanie said...

My template was a little off also. But I cut it down after I folded it. Trial and error. :) Glad you had fun! 6 guests is a house full!

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