Sunday, December 4, 2011

One Wintry Night

"The first Christmas happened almost 2,000 years ago," she began...But the story doesn't begin there. I couldn't have because the angel called Jesus a 'savior,' or a rescuer. Someone must have been in trouble.

To find out about it, we have to jump into a time machine and go back before Mary and Joseph were born..." - One Wintry Night
One Wintry Night by Ruth Bell Graham takes the Jesse Tree concept and puts in children's book form. 

I love One Wintry Night because it sets the birth of Jesus in the context of the entire biblical story. As you read the book, you learn that God had been working down through time, all leading up to the birth, crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus.

One Wintry Night is not a quick read. It is 70 pages long and divided into 11 chapters. The illustrations are magnificent and definitely capture a child's attention. I like to read this book over a several days. It's great to use with a Jesse Tree or even in place of a Jesse tree.

I highly recommend you purchase One Wintry Night to read with your children!

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Carrie said...

New to me title! =)

Stephanie said...

I finally have a book Carrie hasn't heard of or read?! You'll love it, I promise!

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