Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The Visit of the Wise Men

The traditional American celebration of Christmas includes a variety of characters and themes from Santa to sugar cookies to the three Wise Men. I try to include as much of that variety in our Christmas activities and books as possible.

One of my favorite Christmas children's books is The Visit of the Wise Men by Martha Jander. Jander tells the story of the Wise Men with beautiful rhyming text but it's the illustrations that I love about this book.

Each picture is rich in color and detail. The furnishings, clothing and people have a middle eastern feel to them. That seems appropriate since Jesus was born in ancient Israel - not America.

I appreciate that The Visit of the Wise Men helps my children visualize a culture very different from our own.

The Visit of the Wise Men is a great book to add to your Christmas children's book collection!

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Carrie said...

*Clears throat*

ANOTHER I hadn't heard of! This is GREAT though as I was specifically looking for more religious titles to add to our collection! Yippee for your posts! =D

Stephanie said...

Another one you hadn't heard of?! Wow! I'm on a roll!!

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