Friday, December 2, 2011

The Best Gingerbread Man Children's Book

What is the best Gingerbread Boy children's book?

No doubt about it, Gingerbread Baby by Jan Brett is the best!

Matti and his mom are baking gingerbread men when Matti peeks into the oven before the required 8 minutes are up. With the oven door open, out pops a gingerbread baby. (He's a baby because he didn't cook long enough to be a man.)

The sassy gingerbread baby then takes the entire neighborhood on a run through the town and into the woods.

Who will catch him?!

You won't read any spoilers here, but I will say this book goes perfectly with our graham cracker gingerbread HOUSE activity.

Jan Brett's illustrations are what makes this book terrific. In her usual style, the focal point of the page carries the storyline but around the main illustrations are windows into what's happening elsewhere in the story.

So even though the gingerbread baby is leading us on a chase all over the countryside we see hints at what Matti is doing back at the house to catch the gingerbread baby.

We love reading this book aloud. I always give the gingerbread baby a sassy voice. It's a fun book to read while you eat your graham cracker gingerbread house, fill in coloring pages, or complete another activity from Jan Brett's website.

What's YOUR favorite gingerbread man book?

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