Saturday, December 10, 2011

Lift the Flap Nativity Board Book

It seems like most Christmas children's books are targeted at school-aged children. Toddlers and preschoolers need good Christmas books, too! They're out there; just harder to find.

One of our favorite toddler or preschooler Christmas picture book is Lift the Flap Nativity board book (our other favorite is a board book version of Gingerbread Baby).

The author uses simple but engaging words to tell the story of the birth of Jesus. She includes the angel's visit to Mary, the crowded inn, staying in a barn, the shepherds and the wise men.

Samuel, my 3 year old, enjoys lifting each flap to see what's underneath. Even though he's read this book a million times (slight exaggeration) he HAS to lift every flap. Since this is a board book I don't worry about Sam damaging any of the flaps, so he's free to look at the book anytime he wants.

I'm always looking for more good Christmas children's books. Do you have any recommendations for toddler or preschooler books?

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Carol Stump said...

Thanks for your Christmas book lists! We also love "Who Is Coming to Our House" board book by Joseph Slate and Ashley Wolff.

Stephanie said...

You're welcome! I've never heard of Who is Coming to Our House. I'll be on the look out for it.

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