Monday, December 5, 2011

How to Make Hand and Foot Angel Ornaments

I smiled yesterday when my daughter cheerfully asked, "What Christmas activities are we going to do today?" My Christmas activity plan is working. Instead of just thinking about things to do with my children I'm actually doing them. That's a good thing!

So what Christmas activity did we do yesterday? We read a Christmas book, hung our Jesse Tree ornament and made hand and foot angel Ornaments.

To make a hand and foot angel ornament you need:
  • white card stock 
  • glue stick
  • crayons, markers, tissue, paper, ribbon - whatever you want to use to decorate your angel
  • ribbon to hang your angel

First, trace around one foot and both hands with fingers together. Next cut out the hands and feet. Now either glue them together or decorate and then glue. That part depends on how elaborate you decorate. It's really a simple and quick craft.

We aren't very crafty so my children just colored their angels. But you could use bits of ribbons, tissue paper, markers, paint. The skies the limit on decorating.

Another cute idea mentioned in The ADVENTure of Christmas is to cut out your child's face and glue it as the face of the angel. I'm not sure how angelic my children are but it would be sweet to hang up again next year and see how they've changed.

So is your Christmas tree filling up with all of these home made ornaments like mine is? There's always room for one more ornament!

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