Friday, May 13, 2011

What's in a perfect sandwich?

I learned something new about my husband last year.  I thought after 13 years of marriage I knew all of his likes and dislikes.  Not so!

Apparently, he prefers the cheese slice touching the mayonnaise on his sandwich.  He actually likes the way the mayo makes the cheese kind of melted and gooey. 

I DON'T like my cheese to get gooey so I always put the lunch meat against the mayo.  All these years I made his sandwich wrong.  Who knew?!

It never occurred to me to ask Joel how he likes his sandwich layered.  But it did occur to the folks at Hellmann's®.  They commissioned a survey to find out how people make the perfect sandwich.  Then they designed a sweepstakes where you create your perfect (virtual) sandwich as an entry into the Hellmann's® Build Your Perfect Sandwich Sweepstakes.

Do you make the ultimate sandwich?  Visit Hellmann's® Facebook page and share your sandwich-making tips, tricks, techniques and secrets.  While there you can follow the link to the Hellmann's ® Build Your Perfect Sandwich Sweepstakes for a chance to win great prizes including a kitchen essentials bundle, grocery gift cards and Hellmann's® and Best Foods® products.

So, how do YOU make the perfect sandwich?

Disclosure: I was entered for a chance to win a Hellmann's® prize package in exchange for this post.  No monetary exchange took place.


Carrie said...

Well, I can't say I've thought that hard about it....but I would like to eat that sandwich you have pictured there. Oh yes, I would!

Stephanie said...

Me too! FYI: it tasted as yummy as it looks!

Wherever HE Leads We'll Go said...

How funny! Not sure I would ever think to ask Mike how he likes his sandwiches layered. I am with you on this. I do not want my cheese to be gooey. I actually don't use mayo on sandwiches unless it is tuna or chicken salad. I prefer mustard. But that sandwich in the picture sure looks tasty!

Stephanie said...

I also prefer mustard, except for tuna, chicken salad or occasionally ham. That sandwich is what I ate last all last summer and lost 15 pounds. :)

Brianna Storch said...

Stopping by from SITS!

This is just too funny! My husband always says I'm too precise with sandwiches: the precise spread on PB&J's and god forbid the cheese touch the mustard on a deli sandwich! And if there are tomatoes, they MUST be in contact with the mayo to create a lovely flavor combination (this is also why I'm a fan of BLT's).
Oh great, now I want to make a sandwich... I'm blaming you for this midnight "snack". Hahaha!

Stephanie said...

Brianna, BLTs are like the perfect sandwich, although I usually put the bacon on the mayo to help keep the bacon slices in place. The cheese on the mayo or mustard is just gross to me. :D

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