Friday, May 6, 2011

Sweaty Boy Smell. What's a mom to do?

Every mom of boys is familiar with that distinct "boy smell." It starts early. Even my 2 year old son has that sweaty boy smell after spending a few hours in our backyard!

I'm not concerned about my 2 year old, yet, but my oldest turns 8 later this month.  As he gets closer to the tween years I've begun to think about those tween boy issues every mom dreads - changing hormones, "THE talk," and pungent boy smell.

Thankfully some of those concerns are my husband's responsibility!  But, I'm guessing that buying deodorant (and making sure he uses it!) will be my responsibility.

When that time comes I'll turn to my friends and on-line resources for ideas on communicating with my son why he needs deodorant and how to use it.

Unilever, the maker of Degree, Dove and Suave deodorants, recently launched an excellent resource for helping parents transition through the tween years.  Don't Fret the is an informative website packed with expert tips, tools and real life stories.

In addition to the website, you can like Don't Fret the Sweat on Facebook to print coupons, read tips from other parents, and ask other moms for advice on how they handled specific tween situations.

I find it hard to believe the tween years are just around the corner for us.  While I can't stop my boys from growing way to fast I plan to help them keep their boy smell to a minimum!

Have you dealt with a tween son?  How did you handle the issue of body odor?

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Crystal said...

I have delt (not very well) with this. One day my then 9 year old raised his arm and I felt like I was slapped in the face with his "boy smell"... I then exclaimed "ok... time to go buy deoderant" and we did & everything smells much beter now. LOL
He uses Toms of Maine, since it's all natural and he doesn't really need the antiperspirant yet.

Stephanie's Mommy Brain said...

Crystal, that is too funny! I think my oldest is probably getting close to that stage. Thankfully we aren't quite there, yet. I definitely want to be on top of that with him. I can remember a boy when I was growing up who other kids called "Goat Boy." I always felt bad for him and swore I'd get my kids deodorant BEFORE the other kids starting making fun.

Wherever HE Leads We'll Go said...

Tween years!?! That just makes me shudder! Just remember that dealing with boy smell is much better than dealing with some of the fun girl stuff (although I know that will be coming your way too with Ellie - at least you have a bit more time to worry about that). Parenting sure isn't for cowards!

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