Sunday, May 15, 2011

W@HM, Legos, Toddlers, Free Children's Books :: Links for Your Enjoyment

I love reading what other bloggers have to say.  Here are a few I've read this week that I want to share with you:

  • Finding your passion and turning it into an income can be tricky.  Simple Mom shared how working from home requires passion and finding your 'element.'  I think blogging is my 'element.'  Jury's still out on if I can earn an income from it!
  • My older boys really got into Legos this year. As soon as I learned there is a free Lego magazine I signed them both up! I can't wait to surprise them with the first issues!
  • With 3 older children also vying for my attention it's easy to overlook my 2 year old at times. Sarah Mae wrote a great reminder 10 minutes with a toddler is often enough to satisfy their need for attention.

      Did you read a great blog post this week?  Please share the link.  I'm always looking for a great blog post to read.

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      TryItMom said...

      Thanks for sharing. Checking out the last 2 links now!

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