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How to Fail Proof Your Weight Loss :: 10 Steps to Get Fit

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Across the kitchen sits a homemade biscuit.  It's golden brown yumminess mocks me.  My taste buds are screaming at me to heat it up, slather on butter, smear on grape jam, and indulge in the calorie-loaded treat.

Right now I am resisting the biscuit because I don't want to let my support group down.  My desire to tell them that I am 2 pounds closer to my goal is greater than my desire for the baked good.  Without accountability that biscuit would SO be eaten!!

A support group will fail-proof your weight loss.

Why do I need a weight loss support group?

I need a support group to hold me accountable.  Just knowing someone will ask me how my weight loss is going gives me strength to work out with Jillian today.

They also help me celebrate success.  For an example, watch this.  I've shared my 2 pound weekly goal, well, for week one I'm down exactly 2 pounds.  Woohoo!!  2 pounds down, 8 pounds to go!!  (Feel free to celebrate with me on Facebook and in the comments!)

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A support group encourages you through struggles and picks you up when you fail.  Last night I really, really, really wanted to snack while watching t.v.  I expressed that to my hubby and he encouraged me to resist temptation.  Had I ignored his advice, I know he would be telling me today to forget about the past and focus on my goals.

Who should be in your weight loss support group?

A support group should only include people who:
  • are honest.
  • believe in you.
  • will question you.
  • encourage you.
  • may or may not be losing weight.
If you have a family member or friend that doesn't believe you can lose weight and tells you so (repeatedly), by all means, DON'T tell them about your current goals!  They will just sabotage you.  Pick someone else to include in your group and let your success show the nay-sayers you mean business.

Your weight loss group can include anyone.  Co-workers.  Doctor's office.  Neighbors.  Friends.  Family.  Blog readers.  Facebook friends.  Anyone you have semi-regular contact with.

My group includes my husband, friends at our home school co-op, Facebook friends on my personal page, this blog, and those who follow my blog Facebook page.

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What should I share with my weight loss support group?

You should share your get fit goals, both the overall and week-to-week goals.  Then each day share your successes and failures.  Worked out today?  Share it so your group can cheer you on.  Ate 5 chocolate chip cookies today?  Share it so your group can encourage you to make better choices tomorrow.

Also, let your group know the lessons you've learned and tips you have.  This Get Fit series is my way of sharing what I've learned about fitness and weight loss with you.  Your way of sharing will probably be different from mine.

A weight loss support group will fail proof your journey to get fit.  They won't do the hard work for you but they will help your reach your goals.  I know from experience - just telling you about that biscuit has removed my desire for it!

Who's in your weight loss (or get fit) support group?  Please use the comments on this blog and Facebook page as part of your group!  I'd love to cheer you on!!

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Amy said...

2 lbs and 4 workouts! Woohoo! Good first week! Keep it up!

A support group around you can be very helpful!

Stephanie's Mommy Brain said...

Thanks! :)

Pepper said...

This is so true, my group includes my husband, my readers at my blog (I check in once a week) and also my friends. The MFP friends are the best each time I check in I get great hoorahs and praises it really helps!

Carrie said...

Today I officially start my 2 lbs a week goal. (Up to this point, the weight post-baby has nicely been falling off despite what I've been eating! Miracle of miracles! However, I think I've hit a stale mate here and need to get crackin'!)

So if you wouldnt mind asking me how I'm doing starting NOW, that'd be great. ;)

J.Lynne said...

Tomorrow is my official weigh-in day but as of today I am on track to lose 3 lbs this week! All of that is from my workouts, drinking only water and increasing my fruit and vegetable servings.

Anonymous said...

Great work. I believe honesty and those who question will be the best for me personally. I like to be busy and active but with RA it's difficult. After seeing my nutritionist & my husband buying a recumbant bike for me, I'm starting off great. I'm suppose to do 15 minutes a day lowest setting but I do two sets of 15 each day plus today was mow day. My caloric intake is spot on just below so I hope the 8lbs in one month works. It's a battle against the prednisone right now and I'm winning.

Hang in there. Just remember, one little bit once in a while is not a bad thing. All about portion vs activity vs type of food craving. Hugs and best of luck this foot forward. Tammy

Stephanie's Mommy Brain said...

J.Lynne, 3 pounds is fantastic!!! Good job!

Pepper, blogging this experience is really keeping me on track. Having my husband's support is also helpful!

Carrie, I'll be asking!

Tammy, a bike is great exercise. You can totally do 2 pounds a week! I'm definitely holding to balance and moderation for food. It just takes planning. For example, Sunday nights my hubby always cooks us chocolate chip pancakes. Knowing that would be supper I avoided grains for breakfast and just had an egg, milk and apple slices. That way I could eat pancakes guilt free. :)

Wherever HE Leads We'll Go said...

This is great advice. I need to do this, but I will not be able to include my husband in my support group. We are a bad influence on each other buying things we shouldn't and then eating them together. Sounds like you are a doing a great job so far!

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