Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The Ultimate Turkey Sandwich Recipe

Since June 1st I've been on a mission to lose at least 20 pounds.  Exercise alone wasn't giving me the results I wanted so I made a few changes to my diet.

One of those changes was to swap my usual lunch of peanut butter and jelly sandwich for The Ultimate Turkey Sandwich.  (It even holds up well to pack for picnics at the park with my kids.)

1 slice of whole wheat bread, toasted
1 slice of Land O Lakes Provolone cheese
3 slices of Oscar Mayer Cracked Black Pepper Deli Turkey
1 - 2 slices of Tomato
1 leaf of Green Leaf Lettuce
1 tsp. Mustard

After toasting, slice bread in half.  Spread mustard on both bread pieces.  Stack remaining ingredients on one piece of toasted bread and top with the other piece.


I'm no dietitian but I think this sandwich contains 230 calories (not counting the tomato and lettuce).  It also counts as 1 grain, 1.5 protein, and .5 vegetable servings.

Visit Offering Hospitality's Recipe Swap for more lunch ideas.


Carrie said...

And it looks absolutely delicious!

mer@lifeat7000feet said...

Looks yummy! I usually add alfalfa sprouts and avacado to mine!

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